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First Jag

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Since passing my test in a Mini 20 odd years ago, I've always owned Mini's, with a few different cars inbetween - none of them anything to talk about, some of them pure piles of... well, you get the idea - but even then it was rare for me to not have a Mini on the driveway until a couple of years ago.


My Dad once asked me why I only liked Mini's - I told him I didn't - I liked Mini's and Jags but couldn't afford a Jag......


Well, I've just got my first Jag a few weeks ago - an 03 X-Type SE. (I've no doubt, old and cheap compared to most on here probably, but I love it!!)


I need to ask a serious question though - how long does it take before you stop grinning and thinking "I'm driving a Jag of my own!!"


Thanks for reading my drivel ;-)

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Hi Mike, don't believe your in a minority having an 03 reg. car, I would guess that most members of the club own fairly "mature" Jaguars because they represent such great value for money. In answer to your question when will I stop grinning? I can't give you one, I have owned my S-type for almost two years and I'm still grinning. Best wishes mate, enjoy your Jag, Geoff.

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Welcome to the Club, Mike.


You will never stop smiling at your Jaguar even when Yorkshire lose to Lancashire at Headingly.


As Geoff says, most of the guys in the club drive more mature cars partly because they have always wanted one and partly because they are such good value for money.





[Lancastrian in Exile]

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