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First s type jag

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Hi all new hear and about to take the plunge on a 2003 S type 3.0 ltr v6 90 k full history private plate mint condition just serviced , 


Could i please ask for any advice on what i should be looking for the car does look mint and comes from a enthusiast , the asking price is 2,700 seems cheap to me ? its to polish and od drive as have boring company car and well just love the look of the s type .





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Welcome to the Club, Grant.


I have had a quick look around a couple of websites and have found a few 2003 s types for sale.  For instance, there was a 3.0  litre  S Type Sport selling at £2950 with 81 k on the clock so the price seems OK.


Jaguar prices do seem to fall quite drastically after they are a few years old for some unknown reason that one could only guess at, but possibly the reason could be is that some drivers are afraid of them  -- they are quite a powerful car.  The S Type sometimes suffers from some small amount of water ingress in the boot which can get to the battery, but can easily be cured by putting a piece of folded kitchen paper just by the battery.


You tell us that the car is in mint condition and that is good, and that it was owned by a Jaguar enthusiast which is another good point.


I wold be inclined to get some good polish, fill up the car with top grade petrol, and give the car a good run across to Oxford, maybe, or even the 60 odd miles to Castle Bromwich where you car was born!


Enjoy your Jaguar.





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Thank you Peter , 


I did hear about the water ingress and will double check the boot area , yes i will be getting out the canuba wax and filling with 94 ron 


The chap traded it in for a XF so must like his Jags and even serviced it week before trading it in , and weirdly enough two doors up from me has a f type and the new anniversary XF in the drive , so the close i live in is becoming Jag city 


Thanks again for the warm welcome and advice any further tips on the S type will be more than welcome .





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Hi Grant,


Don't forget to reset the digital readout (the one under the speedo) and then take it for a long journey at a steady speed. You will then see what the best mpg for your car is. Although mine is the 2.5 I recently achieved over 37 at a steady 60mph. There is a thread with a lot of entries on this forum.


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