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Engine management light

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I have recently purchased my 2nd Jag, and my first XJR. She is a 2001 with 95k on the clock. Also on the clock is the engine management light, which has been illuminated since the purchase. According to my friend whom I purchase it off, the fella who did the MOT said it's an O2 sensor. In just after some advice, like, how many are there? Where's best to buy them from? Are they easy to do? I'm good with cars, but not this particular area! Any advice would be very much appreciated!!


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Welcome to the Club, Michael.


I am no expert in these complicated matters, but I do know that these sensors cost between £90 & £110.  British Parts have them available, and there are probably some on eBay.


There are members  of the Club who are quite expert and who will be ready to assist.





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