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White sludge inside oil filler cap


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My 2002 S Type develops white sludge inside the Oil filler cap.  The car has been laid up over winter and just run occasionally.

There is no coolant loss and dipstick is clean although the Oil hasn't been changed for over a year.  Might this be the dreaded head gasket or just the result of infrequent use.  Any advice would be appreciated. Colin

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Hi I had a similar thing on an Audi A4. I was told it was a condensation type affect from infrequent use. I was told to use the car over a week or so checking the Oil every couple of days to see if there was any white gunk appearing. It turned out that this was exactly it and all was fine after using the car a little more. One other thing I found was that my car was parked on a part of my drive which is sloped my mechanic suggested this good have had a baring as the Oil was sat at a pronounced angle for a long period.

Hope this turns out to be the same for you.

Good luck.

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Ho, Colin.


Mayonnaise is usually caused when its cold and the car is not being used very much.


If the Oil is OK and not got water droplets in it, and if the coolant has not got Oil in it it cannot be the head gasket.  I have seen the result of a head gasket going on a Rover Sterling and the Chauffeur driving it was unable to diagnose it  --  it was the Boss's car and he was very dischuffed with his chauffeur when the AA turned up and told him the head gasket had gone.  I got a Brownie point and a better company car when they were changed.


Ian is quite right.



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