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    HI The gearboxes are rebuild able and repairable first step would be get codes read with Jaguar ids/sdd software to see what fault is and go from there could be a sticky solenoid in the gearbox to something as simple as a abs sensor, or even a air leak on the engine cheers Joe
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    Hi Jane, Carl' number is 07866 986243. He is on holiday at the moment, but you can leave a message on his phone. Regards, Peter.
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    Or one of these: Bluedriver And the free app on your phone. Very handy bit of kit for me..
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    Hi Think thats walnut burr, cant tell properly as you cant click on the pictures it was a optional extra, hence why you don't see them very often its down to every ones taste really, I don't like the wood really, very old fashioned, maybe grow on me when I'm a pensioner prefer the R's myself, with no chrome and no wood in mine the seats are quite easy to restore, plenty of video's on youtube cheers Joe
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    Hi folks it's taken me 62 year's to get the xj6 I want but I we are together now
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    Hi Jon, Have a look at the Website --- Transporterama -- which is an online bookstore. There is a very good book coming out very soon titled Jaguar - its Cars and its People. It is worth reading and although I am biased, I still think so, as I wrote it! Regards, Peter.
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    Good morning, I have 2015 XF Portfolio and the reception on DAB has gone a bit flaky. I've seen in the handbook that it advises electronic devices stored near the boot lid can affect this as the aerial in located there, but cannot find anything that looks like an aerial cable within the boot lid. Any suggestions or advice would be most welcome. At moment just looking to check connections as wife has habit of slamming it shut. Thanks
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    Hi Elliott, I think your 'S' badges & grille have been upgraded along the way! I really like them, but my XF is so original, maybe it would be a shame to swap them, might change my mind though. Good luck with the noise issue! Cheers, J
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    When I picked up my xf in Coventry and was driving home on the motorway the dpf Amber light came on then red restricted performance. The next day I added fuel and a good quality dpf cleaner,drove the car to force regeneration and the warning light went out, performance returned and that was a month ago,no issues since. I add dpf cleaner once a month now.
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    hi have a look at SNG Barratt or british cars parts also try https://www.buycarparts.co.uk/ if you know the sizes cheers Joe
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    https://www.berkshirejagcomponents.com/ have the bushes listed for the s-type
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    Welcome pack received, Thank you. Now time to sort insurance
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    Hi Edwin, I have 2011 XF-S with the 20" wheels. Soon after I bought it in October 2018 I had to replace the tyres as those fitted (Chinese 'Triangle' brand) were simply not up to the job in the wet and not much better in the dry. I went for Pirelli P-Zeros and the car was transformed. It's now about 15,000 miles later and there's still some life left in all four of them after a mixture of long motorway trips, local shopping trips and everything in between. Good luck with the XF-S if you go for it, I take mine for a spin just for the hell of it most days! Cheers, Jon
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    A quick hello, I've just purchased a bargain basement miley, but immaculate 2011MY XF Portfolio S with Aerodynamic and Dynamic Packs. It's covered a lofty 192k, but the last chap had it for five years and the maintenance record is impeccable. Thrilled to get this spec and the car drove so well on the 150 mile trip back on Friday. I'm going to book it in for a B service, cambelt and water pump in the next couple of months and hope to pick your brains on issues as they arise 🙂
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    Roy, I notice that your details need to be updated: Still showing your car as a 2006 X-Type. I know that your query referred to the XF, but an update would make it easier to keep track of the model in question.
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    The interior lighting on my XF does not come on when opening the doors. I have tried the solution on page 36 of the handbook with no success. Any ideas.
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    After a catalogue of misfortunes yesterday, driving home i got diverted due an accident... Followed the Sat Nav, ended up in what can only be described as a 'Raging Torrent' after driving into a Ford that had turned into rapids due to the adverse weather.... Did i see it? Nope... Dark, single lane country road, concentrating on looking for standing water... Well... i found it... Re creating the famous 'OLIVER!!!' scene from Top Gear, it hit the water, floated, got pushed into a low slung wall and sat there for near on an hour before one of our neighbours arrived to tow me out... So.. The ignition still comes on... Turned over - so it looks like she has not sucked any water into the engine Water level came up to the driver seat base and we have managed to get the majority of it all out, however until i get it recovered when dawn breaks, i am unsure of any other issues. Interior will need to come out regardless, luckily i have modules available that are under the carpets if indeed i am extremely lucky, but with that amount of water it looks like i will be saying farewell to a car that i waited 30 years to own... 😞 Insurance company reckon that as the water didn't come up to the instrument cluster (??) then its generated a 'Repair' recommendation but i am pretty sure its toast... Any thoughts on what i should do? Cut loose and lick my wounds, try and find another with the same spec or try and dry it out and get her back on the road?
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    HI and Welcome The S-types are great cars if you find a good one the S-types weakest link is the sills, get them checked if you like tinkering your self there lots of info on here and heres a link to a great source of info for jaguars http://www.jagrepair.com/ cheers Joe
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    All sorted... Take delivery of this beast in a couple of days.... Will miss my first Jag, now commonly known as Dad's XtraFlooded.. my kids have a cruel sense of humour...
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    Hi Richard, My XF-S (2011, bought a year ago) arrived with Chinese 'Triangle' branded tyres, which were truly 'interesting' in the wet. Quickly swapped for a set of Pirelli P-Zeros (255/35-20), car was transformed! Good luck with your search, mine were roughly £200 a corner at Quik-Fit, plus a few £££s for tracking adjustment. Next job is to get the wheels refurbished, but the plastic 'blades (5 needed per wheel) seem to be incredibly expensive! Cheers, Jon
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    To cut to the chase so to speak. My 58 plate XF diesel estate has just gone into a newly opened (March this year) specialist Jag garage in Banbury for the 'once over', resulting in new discs and pads. The owner Simon Thomas has the knowledge and skills coupled with an honest, infectious and passionate approach to Jaguars that I was completely blown away. Work was outstanding and undertaken at a highly competitive price. I can only give him the highest recommendation. Go try! SST MOTORS, Unit 22 Thorpe Place Banbury OX16 4XH
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    The courtesy lights on my XF seem to like to come on, on their own at times, and sometimes flash for a while. Has anyone had this happen? Is it something I could stop? Regards Kevin
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    Hi All, I've seen some pix here of accessorised interior bits, like the 'growler' gear selector top. Any ideas of where to buy them, much appreciated! Thanks, Jon
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    Anyone any advice about tyre pressure not monitored warning
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    I've had my 2015 XF for 5 month now and am generally very pleased with it - with exception to the performance of the battery. It is true that I make daily round trip journies of less than 10 miles, but if I dont use the car for a day, the battery level is such that the pulsating start button is not illuminated and the heating vents do not open. This tells me that there is insufficient power left in the battery to operate these functions. I know there are a shed load of electronics in use in the car but I would prefer not to have to put the battery on charge a couple of time a week. The vehicle came with a brand new battery when I bought the car so do not suspect a faulty battery. Clearly the problems are more apparent in the winter months with there being more drain on the battery than in summer months. Does any other XF owner have this problem or is it solely down to the lack of miles i complete ?
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    As an S-Type owner, you'll be aware (I guess) of how sensitive the electronics is to low battery voltage. You'll maybe not know though, what you're expected to do after dis-connecting and re-connecting the battery. I've put together a PDF document which takes you through the procedure step by step. Nothing that isn't readily available elsewhere but just gathered together and (in my view) logically ordered into a single reference. It also includes how to get the audio system working when you don't have the security code I've been asked for it so many times that I though I'd make a thread just for access to that document so here it is:- Battery reset.pdf
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    I have searched on the Forum but cannot find any definitive guide on what to look for when buying a second hand Jaguar XF so am hoping for some first hand advice and experiences. My leanings are towards the 3 litre petrol but there are very few for sale compared to the diesel version and trim wise my preference would be for a Premium Luxury / Portfolio model as we would find memory seats very useful. Whilst not entirely ruling out a diesel model I am not a fan due to the complexity of modern diesel engines and the experience of friends having had turbocharger, EGR and DPF failures on a range of (generally German) diesel cars. The other problem with looking for a diesel version is that they are often high mileage vehicles as hey have usually been run as company cars, I would, ideally be looking for a car from 2009 with , hopefully around 100,000 miles or less. This would be my main commuting car (40 miles a day on fast A roads) for the next 5 years. Thanks in advance Regards David Martin
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    Hi Alan, and welcome to the club. Carl is based in Erdington and I am unsure how far away he goes. His number is 07866 986243 and mention my name. He is a real expert on cars of every description and has looked after my cars for 17 years, Rovers and Jaguars as well as my son's Jaguar. Let me know how your get on, as if you are too far away, perhaps you and I come organise something. Regards, Peter.
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    Having just taken delivery of my XF S 3.0 I was looking to the future as to whether winter tyres were worth the expense (20” tyres x 4 won’t give much change out of £1k). Does the increased grip and improved handling on cold roads justify the cost? Do UK winters justify the cost? Advice would be gratefully received!
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    hi if you google it theres lots of info on it [Diagnostic Screen Access] 1.With the vehicle at rest, place the ignition switch in either "ACC", "ON", or start the engine. 2.On the "Menu" screen, press the top center of the screen (circled portion in the image to the left) for more than three seconds. 3.Enter the PIN code, and then touch "OK". 660: Diagnosis Menu screen 661: System Check screen (DTC code verification screen) 662: GPS Information screen 4.The diagnostics screen will be displayed.2. DIAGNOSIS SCREEN 2.1 Diagnosis Menu ? Transition to various check screens from the Diagnosis menu screen. cheers Joe
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    Rybrook jaguar to close next year in Warrington

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