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    I honestly can't remember as they also sprayed and supplied a lock cover for me. Give them a call and explain the problem - they are familiar with it now so should be able to give a rough idea of cost.
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    Welcome to the club, Andrew. Nice opening post! Arma verumque cano is not to bad either! I was also a musician and I have just finished writing a book, so we will understand each other. [Look into "Transporterama"] The s type is a great car and a pleasure to drive, Regards, Peter.
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    I own a 2018 68 plate XE R-Sport and in December 2019 the pedestrian protection system deployed although no impact to the vehicle. Taken the car to the dealership who accepted the vehicle and booked it in as a warranty claim as no visible damage to the vehicle. Dealership carried out a video vehicle condition report and technician asked for T/A assistance stating no visible damage to vehicle, wheels or rims. JLR sent me 2 forms to sign as they needed access to download ECU crash data in which I declined due to been told I could face £2000 supplier charges and JLR accepted no responsibility if the ECU becomes damaged during the download process. JLR then proceeded to say download could not be taken unless both forms were signed by myself and I accepted the system deployed under normal operating conditions. Reluctantly I signed the forms and download was taken to discover JLR says the data in the ECU says it was a valid event for deployment.The sensor calibration created to deploy the pedestrian system was developed from a comprehensive set of bumper tests. It is plausible to deploy the pedestrian system without causing damage to the bumper, grille or headlights. This is because the bumper system has been designed to absorb energy in order to mitigate pedestrian injuries. The crash record in the ECU shows a command deployment due to threshold being crossed showing significant impact on L/H front bumper (91.5 mbar on L/H pedestrian sensor). Vehicle speed was circa 32.28 km/h which is a valid speed for pedestrian protection system to activate. After receiving this information and knowing I have not been involved in any form of collision I contacted my insurance company to claim in which they said if no damage is caused to the vehicle and no accident has taken place a claim would be rejected but agreed to send an engineer to inspect the vehicle. The engineer inspected the vehicle and reports “tougher external inspection on a ramp I have scrutinised the frontal area of the vehicle in the dealers workshop and also checked front wheels and front underside and cannot find any evidence or indication the vehicle has sustained an impact. The engineer then returned for a second visit and had the front bumper removed to inspect inside of bumper, energy absorbing foam, front member, crash sensors and tubing but again no evidence or indication of an impact. This case has now escalated to my contacting Jaguar finance and logging a customer complaint followed by a letter as advised by trading standards stating that under the 2015 consumer rights act they have 14 days to offer a repair or replacement. This is still ongoing but just wondered if anyone else has experienced this issue and what your dealings were.
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    Old Peter, well I do remember my family home as a child was in Durham and I know a certain political party started to shift county boundaries about and introduce new 'unitary authorities' here abouts. Such that Yorkshireman suddenly found themselves living somewhere else! However I will look into this some more :-) Back to cars, I can see the Jag need a lot of TLC as they deserve. I have a CTEK batttery charger/maintainer also the older Optimate11.
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    I had mine re-mapped and it certainly made a big difference. The company I used in Wolverhampton allowed me to drive the car during the process and modified the map on the fly as I came up with suggestions. As a result, virtually eliminated turbo lag and the car was quite capable of taking on the V6 petrol S-Type, thrashing it for initial acceleration. Mid range improved out of all proportion in my view. Never had a reliability problem afterwards either.
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    Welcome to the club, Kevin. I have had my s type Diesel for 7 years and it has treated me rather well. I find that it is quite fast and quite economic. I have not even thought about remapping. A friend of mine [many years ago] had a remap and managed to blow the engine to scrap when showing off. For that reason, I have found that the performance for my well looked after Jaguar is just as it left the factory. But it is your choice. Some have some have not, Regards, Peter.
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    Hi Pete, I have a £20 diagnostic tool which I have used to get rid of the odd code or two concerning the EGR valves on my s type. When I have had a park brake warning I have disconnected the battery, paused for 10 minutes and then connected the battery again, shut up the warning alarm, and then pressed down footbrake and handbrake at the same time, switched on the radio [you need the code ] and then reset windows and sound. I had also removed the warning light. A nuisance but it has saved me a few shillings. Regards, Peter.
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    Hi, i hope this is an appropriate post. I am selling an original 2003 Castrol promotional calendar, which is brand new, never been out of its original packaging. The Calendar itself is a collection of beautiful images of the XJ220 from different angles.The dimensions are 23" x 18" I am selling it for £50:00 including postage. If you would like me to send photos of the calendar please E-mail me on Andyslrw@gmail.com
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    Hi Derek, and welcome to the club. Can we see what the badge looks like? I didn't know that there were club badges in the Jaguar Owners Club. Regards, Peter.
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    You can get a Jagdroid conversion of just the CD player to allow streaming of music. It saves getting the full Jagdroid conversion
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    You should be using the cdc button.
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    Recently got my first Jag after almost 20 years driving Honda Accords. Now in a 2017 XF 2.0d 180 Prestige. I’ve found the various Accord clubs and forums to be a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration over the years so hoping this club will be the same!
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    Hi all,picking up my xf 2.2 r sport tomorrow my first Jag it's nice to meet you all
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    I have bought my first Jag, great looking Fpace S, i have always owned Alfa Romeos so i know cars that have issues, Reading alot of things about how these cars can have niggly issues. But really happy with the car and it is a stunning look motor. Ian
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    Hi all. I have had the issue with the rear doors failing to lock/unlock, I have the keyless entry type of door locks. First noticed on the nearside rear when I gave a friend a lift and, the door had to be unlocked manually, as the little lever did not active from the central locking system. Shortly after that I started to notice the offside rear door not locking and unlocking intermittently, and after a while could only be locked from the inside pushing the little lever in. I found online some replacement actuators after doing some checking to find out what the problem could be. Here is a link https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/232792541799 ,I ordered a left and a right side total charge £124.16 with postage. I fitted them myself, the first one was a little tricky trying to work out what to do, the keyless entry electric connection stumped me for about 10 mins till I sussed out the workings of it, there is not a lot of room to view things and my failing close up eyesight is a pain in the rear end. The second one was a doddle now I knew how it all went together, I did not have to remove the windows, though if I remember correctly I undid the bolts that secured the window motor to the mount and this gave enough room to get the door lock assembly out. It took probably an hour each side not rushing at all. The new ones have been in and working with no issues since October 2019. I took the old ones apart to be nosey and saw there are 2 small electric motors that operate the mechanisms. I had a look on Ali express and found replacement motors the code numbers are FC280 and FC130 there is 1 of each in the actuator, I bought 2 of each for less than £20 with postage, and have rebuilt the original door actuators ready for if/when they fail again. Taking the actuators apart is fairly easy I guess, the motors are a push connection no soldering or anything like that, just take note of where everything goes and should be an easy fix. I did a simple test on the old motors, just ran a 12v battery supply through them, 1 motor did not spin at all, 2 motors turned but not very well and, the last motor span fast and freely, so I think that confirmed the 3 motors had gone past their best. Hope this helps regards Martin.

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