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  1. Hi Brian ..... welcome to the Club Welcome back also to the wonderful world of Jaguar! Plenty of good information on here to keep your S Type in good running order Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  2. Premium Members can benefit from the following Trade Discount Structure Minimum order quantity 5 pieces, payment with order, delivery within 5-10 days. 1. On orders between 1-25 pieces, 10.0%. 2. On orders over the first 25 up to 50 pieces, 12.5% 3. On orders over the first 50 up to 75 pieces, 15.0% 4. On orders over the first 75 up to 100 pieces, 17.5% 5. As soon as your orders are over 100 pieces in any one year, 20.0%, this will remain in force as long as your average annual orders from then on remain at 100 pieces or more. If the average drops to say 85 pieces then the percentage at item 4 will apply i.e. 17.5%
  3. Panasonic Jaguar Racing is applying digital vision technology developed using insights derived from the brand’s Traffic Sign Recognition systems to boost racing success with the Jaguar I-TYPE 4 In road car applications, such as the Jaguar I-PACE all-electric performance SUV, the Traffic Sign Recognition system (TSR) uses an advanced stereo camera and image processing software to detect and read road signs, informing drivers of speed limits, temporary speed limits, and no-overtaking restrictions. This information is also used by the Adaptive Speed Limiter system, helping drivers stay within the permissible speed by automatically slowing the vehicle down, if necessary, when entering areas with a lower limit. Engineers at Panasonic Jaguar Racing are applying similar principles for a very different purpose: to monitor the battery status of the I-TYPE and competitors’ race cars – automatically and in real time – and use this data to determine the optimum energy strategies for drivers Mitch Evans and James Calado. "Racing usually improves the breed, but here’s an example of a road car technology being used to aid success on the track. Traffic Sign Recognition helps customers stay within the speed limit but we’ve taken learnings from that system to help us understand when to push and when we can afford to ease off – optimising energy management throughout a race." JAMES BARCLAY - TEAM DIRECTOR, PANASONIC JAGUAR RACING Adopting digital vision systems with image recognition as the enabler for the new energy strategy modelling process delivered a step-change in speed, accuracy and flexibility compared to the tools used previously, and is future-proofed to make even more detailed analyses possible in seasons to come. The technology transfer is one example of advances in Jaguar’s road cars being used to support success on the track. This advantage is complemented by the on-going application of knowledge gained from the extremes of racing to improve vehicles such as the all-electric I-PACE. One of the most significant benefits to date – underpinned by invaluable learning gained from the I-PACE eTROPHY race series and Formula E – was a software update to the I-PACE introduced in December 2019 which gave customers worldwide up to 20km more real-world range from a full charge. This was delivered though further optimisation of battery management, thermal systems, regenerative braking and all-wheel drive torque distribution. The on-going collaborative partnership between engineers in Jaguar Racing and those working on core Jaguar vehicle programmes ensures that knowledge, processes and technologies continue to pass from road to track and vice-versa. This is helping to deliver greater performance and efficiency in further development of the I-TYPE and Jaguar’s future electrified vehicles including the next-generation all-electric XJ.
  4. If you know of a good deals or offer currently available on Motoring Tools, Equipment or Consumables then let others know about it !
  5. Aldi are currently running a deal on 19" Michelin Wiper Blades
  6. Hi Dave....welcome to the Club ...and welcome to the wonderful world of Jaguar It's a fine looking XF and glad you're happy with it, who wouldn't be 🙂
  7. Hi.....welcome to the Forum
  8. Hi Andrew I think it may be wise to leave the bonnet open in the sun and let things dry out and then go through each individual component that could have been affected. It may be worth leaving the cambelt till last to assume its that at fault and saves tearing the engine down for something that may be a simple cure. I would start with any ignition components and sensor (including crank and cam sensors as these can fit the symptoms you are describing) As long as the engine did not chronically overheat then the internals and gaskets should be fine. Let us know how it goes and what you find
  9. Hi Arek......welcome to the Club Hope you're enjoying the Jag, assuming that you can actually take it out for a drive in this lockdown. Good to have you onboard Cheers. Trevor
  10. Hi Mark.....welcome to the Club Sorry for the late response. I seem to recall Reggie Perrin living there but fondly remember his reference to his mother-in-law as a Hippo 🙂 What sort of issues has the XK8 had? Good to have you onboard Cheers. Trevor
  11. Hi Simon....welcome to the Club Sorry for the late reply. Wow! 12 Jags in 8 years, thats true devotion! Certainly looks clean and sounds like you got a bargain there. Good to have you onboard Cheers Trevor