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  1. Hi Paul....welcome to the Club ...and welcome to the wonderful world of Jaguar Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  2. Hi Alan....welcome to the Forum Fine looking XF, I particularly like the colour Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  3. Premium Members can get 10% discount on marked Prices (not sale items)
  4. Hi Philip.....welcome to the Club Glad to hear the teething problems weren't too severe and you are enjoying the XF. Good to have you onboard Trevor
  5. Hi Malcolm...welcome to the Club ....and also welcome to the wonderful world of Jaguar! If you need to know anything just ask in the Forum as there are a lot of knowledgable members in here. Good to have you onboard Trevor
  6. Hi Dave...welcome to the Club I think that must be everyone's first memory of the XJS, it was certainly mine and I wonder how many cars they sold off the back of that TV series. If you need to know anything just ask in the Forum as there are a lot of knowledgable members in here. Good to have you onboard Trevor
  7. Hi Brian and Jo..welcome to the Club If you need to know anything just ask in the Forum as there are a lot of knowledgable members in here. Good to have you onboard Trevor
  8. Hi Paul...welcome to the Club ....and also welcome to the wonderful world of Jaguar! If you need to know anything just ask in the Forum as there are a lot of knowledgable members in here. Good to have you onboard Trevor
  9. Hi Richard....welcome to the Club Sorry for the late response, been away from the computer for a while. You certainly have a superb mk9 there. I once restored the major mechanical units for one once....superb engineering of the day and carried through for many years to come. Good to have you onboard and hopefully you'll find our forum software platform easy to use....any issues then just let us know and we'll endeavour to assist where we can. Cheers, Trevor
  10. Hi Geoff....sorry for the late reply Welcome to the Forum Wow! you have quite a collection of British cars, obviously a sucker for punishment 😁 No really, superb cars and hope you find a nice XK8 to join the fold....although they are getting harder to find as time goes by. Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  11. HaHa....I wouldn't have thought of checking there myself, would probably have happened across it at some point like yourself. Just goes to show, never assume!
  12. I would say at a guess that it is either the fuse was tapped into a switchable polarity (e.g. switches to earth - similar to electric windows) or the cable was trapped somewhere shorting to earth?
  13. Hi Frank....good to have you back on the forum It would be great if you could answer any questions that you may have the answer to as this does seem to be a widespread problem where the original poster comes in, asks the question, gets the answer and then goes without giving feedback, e.g. did the answer resolve the problem? If you need any help with a few batches of questions then please let me or any other moderators know and we will see what we can do to fill this void. You should be able to answer posts by clicking Reply to Topic or Quote and this should open a response box. Beautiful XKR by the way....looks like it is cherished and nice to see the attention to detail. Cheers . Trevor
  14. The car of the future could help win the battle against superbugs – according to Jaguar Land Rover. Future models could help stop the spread of colds and flu thanks to innovative ultraviolet light technology (UV-C) borrowed from the medical industry, where it has been used for more than 70 years. By integrating UV-C, Jaguar Land Rover believes it could help to stop bacteria and harmful viruses, known as pathogens, from surviving in the cabin. UV-C is currently widely used for disinfecting water, filtering air and sterilising surfaces by utilising wavelengths of light between 200 – 280 nanometres. Exposing pathogens to UV-C within the air conditioning system breaks down the molecular structure of the DNA, neutralising them. Clean air is then released into the cabin. The technology could even help in the fight against drug-resistant superbugs. Jaguar Land Rover is exploring UV-C technology as part of its vision to create a tranquil sanctuary inside each of its luxury vehicles. The manufacturer is piloting a wide range of driver and passenger wellbeing features, as it looks towards a self-driving future. Dr Steve Iley, Jaguar Land Rover Chief Medical Officer, said: “The average motorist spends as much as 300 hours per year behind the wheel. There is a clear opportunity to better utilise cars for administering preventative healthcare.” “The implementation of individual wellbeing measures as part of our ‘tranquil sanctuary’ research promises to not only improve quality of life for our customers but in this case, offers clear advantages in reducing pathogen spread – protecting the overall population from the threat of disease; particularly as we move towards shared mobility solutions.” Jaguar Land Rover is already actively seeking to neutralise pathogens in its latest generation Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, available across the range including the all-electric Jaguar I-PACE and Range Rover Sport. The current Four-zone Climate Control and Cabin Air Ionisation system works by using high voltage to create trillions of nano-sized negatively charged particles (ions) coated in water molecules. These ions deactivate pathogens, forming larger particles which are removed from the air as they are brought back into the filter. As well as combatting pathogens, the ions also act upon odour molecules and allergens in a similar way. Dr Iley said: “In the colder months infections are spread more easily, it’s reassuring to know that in your car at least, you can be confident that harmful pathogens are being neutralised.” Recent medical trials* suggest the use of UV-C could be even more effective as it has been shown to cut the transmission of four major superbugs by up to 30%. Researchers focused on four drug-resistant organisms: MRSA, vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE), C. difficile and Acinetobacter. Immunology expert, Dr. Hellmut Münch, CEO at Medical Enzyme Research Association, said: “The rise of superbugs and allergens is one of the largest threats we face as a species today. Investment in immunology is vital in ensuring that our immune systems stay ahead of the race against microorganisms, which are evolving far quicker than traditional pharmaceuticals can keep pace with. It is important that we continue to take an innovative look at how we can adapt our environment to help prevent the spread of the most harmful pathogens - which is why this research is paramount.”
  15. Speed limiting technology looks set to become mandatory for all vehicles sold in Europe from 2022, after new rules were provisionally agreed by the EU Do you agree with this or not, will it save lives? Have your say in the poll