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  1. ● Jaguar launches new range of pet products in time for Christmas ● Bespoke vehicle accessories are perfect for your dog this festive season ● Individual packs include items such as a spill-resistant water bowl, access ramp, foldable pet carrier, tailored quilted load space liner and portable rinse system ● Jaguar Pet Products are available now across the vehicle range priced from £248.00* Jaguar has dog owners covered this Christmas with the launch of its all-new Pet Products. Designed for comfort and convenience, the bespoke accessories are the perfect present for four-legged friends this festive season. The premium accessory range puts canine comfort at the forefront with a spill-resistant water bowl, foldable carrier and convenient rear access ramp. Muddy paw prints in the car will also be a thing of the past, thanks to a quilted luggage compartment liner and handy portable shower. Selected to meet the needs of customers and their canines, each accessory has been designed with the comfort and well-being of each animal in mind. They are available now across Jaguar’s range of SUVs – the award-winning PACE family – and the XF Sportbrake. Jaguar Pet Products have been designed to deliver convenience and performance for owners and their animals. Furthermore, accessories such as the rear access ramp can help protect the muscles and joints of older animals, ensuring their well-being is at the forefront of every journey. Jaguar owners have a choice of four sets of Pet Products*: • Pet Luggage Compartment Protection: from £678.00 This includes the quilted luggage compartment liner, full-height luggage partition and spill-resistant water bowl – designed to provide protection and easy cleaning of the luggage compartment • Pet Transportation: from £405.00 Providing a comfortable environment for transporting pets, this includes the foldable carrier, spill-resistant water bowl and luggage compartment rubber mat • Pet Care and Access: from £1,187.00 Combines the full-height luggage partition, quilted luggage compartment liner, access ramp and portable rinse system to ensure owners have everything they need to transport pets in true Jaguar comfort • Pet Rear Seat Protection: from £248.00 Available for XE and XF saloon models, it combines a second row seat cover and the spill-resistant water bowl to protect the rear seats and door linings from wet and muddy paws The portable rinse system is ideal for washing pets before they enter the vehicle and can be used to clean equipment such as bikes or wetsuits. An integrated hand pump allows users to create the pressure required for a minimum of two minutes continuous flow, depending on the setting selected. Available in a Jaguar branded bag, it can be secured to the ‘D’ loops in the rear luggage compartment during transit. Suitable for animals up to 85kg, the foldable access ramp allows access to the rear luggage compartment without the need for owners to lift their dogs. It features aluminium side panels and a plastic centre section with a high-grip tread pattern. Rubber feet keep it in position when in use and retaining straps are available for stowage. The foldable carrier provides a safe, comfortable environment for the transportation of pets thanks to its lightweight metal frame and quilted fabric cushion. It is available alongside the spill-resistant water bowl, which has a capacity of 350ml and a rubber base to prevent it from moving when driving. Manufactured from a soft, quilted fabric, the tailored luggage compartment liner protects all carpeted areas of the rear load space, including the floor, second row seat backs and side walls. It has an integral rubber mat and detachable bumper protector, making it easy to wipe clean. The new Jaguar Pet Products are available now, click here to find out more. *Prices shown include VAT and any fitting time required. Customers can also purchase the Jaguar pet accessories individually. Drivers are responsible for making sure animals are suitably restrained.
  2. Jaguar Owners Club

    2002 S Type Auto V6

    Hi Stewart If I were you, I would get them to check whether the power is getting to components (using a multimeter), for example: Is current getting to the starter motor solenoid terminals? is the starter solenoid engaging? do the headlights dim when turning the key? is the battery 100% condition? are the chassis earth terminals secure and free from corrosion? are the battery terminals tights? There are so many fundamental tests to go through before condemning components and always start at the source of the power supply - the battery! Let us know how these checks go Cheers . Trevor
  3. Jaguar Owners Club

    New member

    Hi Paul....welcome to the Forum Good to have you onboard Cheers . Trevor
  4. Jaguar Owners Club


    Hi Mark. That is a generous offer and I'm sure someone will snap it up shortly. Is it a petrol or diesel engine and manual or automatic gearbox?
  5. Jaguar Owners Club

    Series I -  raising the rear suspension

    either that or change the profile size of the tyres....maybe a classic tyre to suit the vehicle?
  6. Jaguar Owners Club

    Non OEM LED main beams and MOT

    Hi Paul I don't think it should be an issue with non-standard bulbs as it is the deflection they are looking for rather than the light output so LED bulbs should be okay as long as there is no chance of causing glare to other drivers. Main beam generally doesn't have any deflection and is not a controlled light source, unlike the dip beam. So only difference is the light output will be increased and maybe with a different tone (blue, white, etc). I put a car through an MOT recently and it had LED sidelights and indicator bulbs and there was no issue. Will let you know if I do find any conflicting information though. Cheers, Trevor
  7. Jaguar Owners Club

    F-TYPE Chequered Flag Limited Edition

    ● Jaguar creates two F-TYPE Convertible rally cars to continue its celebration of 70 years of Jaguar sports cars ● With design cues from F-TYPE Chequered Flag Limited Edition, the 300PS 2.0-litre rally cars feature bespoke FIA-spec modifications ● One-off rally cars pay homage to the Jaguar XK 120, introduced in 1948, which itself achieved competition success in the RAC, Tulip and Alpine rallies ● The Jaguar F-TYPE Chequered Flag Limited Edition is available to order now from £62,335 in the UK Jaguar has developed two F-TYPE Convertible rally cars, with design cues from the F-TYPE Chequered Flag Limited Edition, to continue its celebration of 70 years of sports car heritage since the XK 120 was revealed in 1948 The one-off F-TYPE rally cars also pay homage to the legendary Jaguar XK 120 registered ‘NUB 120’ which, in the early 1950s in the hands of Ian Appleyard, completed three consecutive Alpine Rallies without incurring a single penalty point, and won the RAC and Tulip. Both rally-specification F-TYPE Convertibles are powered by Jaguar’s 300PS 2.0-litre Ingenium four-cylinder petrol engine. With modifications overseen by Jaguar Design and Engineering, both cars were built to FIA specification, with comprehensively uprated brakes and suspension fitted alongside a protective rollcage, race-seats with six-point harness, bonnet-mounted light pod and fire extinguisher. Ian Callum, Jaguar Director of Design, said: “The opportunity to design a rally car doesn’t come along very often so I was fascinated to see how we could take our modern day sports car to a similar character. These models are a fitting tribute to the XK 120 and all the great Jaguar sports cars since its reveal 70 years ago, including the latest F-TYPE Chequered Flag Limited Edition." The rally F-TYPEs feature upgrades to the brakes, suspension and drivetrain including the addition of grooved discs with four-piston calipers front and rear. Hand-built competition dampers and softer springs ensure the high-performance cars can be driven flat-out over rough rally stages. Three-way adjustable dampers allow the cars to be tuned for different surfaces and feature spherical bearings for added precision. With motorsport-spec wheels and tyres specifically for use on gravel, a limited-slip differential improves power delivery on loose surfaces while a hydraulic handbrake helps drivers tackle hairpin bends. The celebratory models were put through their paces at Walters Arena rally stage, South Wales, to demonstrate their performance credentials and will now attend a series of Jaguar events over the next few months. The rally cars’ livery takes design inspiration from the new F-TYPE Chequered Flag Limited Edition, which features a range of subtle exterior visual enhancements, including unique 20-inch Gloss Black wheels with a Diamond Turned finish and a Black Contrast roof on the Coupé. Inside, the luxurious Ebony Windsor Leather interior features Performance seats with embossed Chequered Flag headrests and a Dark Brushed Aluminium centre console trim finisher. The Jaguar F-TYPE Chequered Flag Limited Edition is available from £62,335 and can be configured at You can read more about the F-TYPE Chequered Flag Limited Edition here .
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    Evolve Innovations

    Premium Members can receive the following discount: 10% Discount on any GPS Tracker listed on the website