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  1. Banned from 2030 and Hybrid from 2035. 60mpg in a hybrid is poor when my 2013, 1.6 diesel, Bluemotion Golf was doing over 70 regularly. My current, 2020, poverty spec d150 Epace returns 50mpg on the 22.2 mile commute. Electric is all well and good but picture the streets where homes have no drive way and cables stretched over the pavements so people can charge their cars. Put the charging infrastructure in place then ban petrol and diesel, we're going about this back to front.
  2. I found loads on ebay using "xtype tow eye cover" as the search. Not sure what year or colour you're looking for but try that and scroll through.
  3. I had an Astra 10 years ago with a similar issue, turned out to be delamination inside a front tyre. These were the Michelins the car came out the factory with and had only done 3 thousand miles or so. You couldn't see a bulge on the outside but certainly felt it when driving and became more pronounced the faster you went.
  4. At least you got a response, their Jag/Land Rover franchise in Aberdeen is abysmal, my new E-Pace came from Taggarts in Glasgow because Vardy couldn't be bothered calling me back or letting me have a test drive. I also do the 150 mile round trip to Parks in Inverness for warranty and servicing just to avoid them
  5. I have a 2020 E-Pace and not sure what you mean. Backgrounds can be changed but "widgets " as I understand them would not show on the screen unless your phone was connected and you were using Android Auto or Apple Carplay if they were installed in 2018?
  6. Image is from the iguide app installed on my phone, would rather have a physical book in the glove box but it has come in useful on occasion.
  7. Have you downloaded the jaguar iguide app to your phone? Whilst the car is in reverse and sensors are active press the double cog button (1) which should take you into the parking sensor settings. You then get a toggle switch to switch them on or off.
  8. What engine oil, viscosity and brand, is in it? Did it start after a recent oil change?
  9. Had this problem with a 2005 Laguna. Turned out to be air in the fuel system from a small crack in a pipe. The 1.9dCi had a "fuel priming bulb" under the bonnet, couple of squeezes on that and it started on the button but had to be done every time the car had been sat for around 8 or more hours. A £3 repair. Can you have someone under the bonnet with a torch as it's cranking to see if there is a diesel mist?
  10. Just use the Castrol oil finder using your reg number, should give you alternatives for Edge and Magnatec. Best recommendation pops up first but click more products for the alternatives. https://applications.castrol.com/oilselector/en_gb/c/search
  11. I'd call them grill trim/finisher? Jaguar part numbers are: gx7m-6c828-a for the right gx7m-6c829-a for the left I would imagine you'd need to get them painted as well unless they can be ordered ready painted.
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