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  1. What engine oil, viscosity and brand, is in it? Did it start after a recent oil change?
  2. Had this problem with a 2005 Laguna. Turned out to be air in the fuel system from a small crack in a pipe. The 1.9dCi had a "fuel priming bulb" under the bonnet, couple of squeezes on that and it started on the button but had to be done every time the car had been sat for around 8 or more hours. A £3 repair. Can you have someone under the bonnet with a torch as it's cranking to see if there is a diesel mist?
  3. Just use the Castrol oil finder using your reg number, should give you alternatives for Edge and Magnatec. Best recommendation pops up first but click more products for the alternatives.
  4. I'd call them grill trim/finisher? Jaguar part numbers are: gx7m-6c828-a for the right gx7m-6c829-a for the left I would imagine you'd need to get them painted as well unless they can be ordered ready painted.