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  1. About 6 miles away from Richmond, North Yorkshire.
  2. OK I can tell you that the TEB7AJ relay won't bleep when the LED indicators flash. To be legal it should, but resistors can be added in the caravan to make the relay bleep, or Swift caravans can have a Sargent Electrical box fitted which makes all problems go away. Allegedly. The relay was designed before LED road lights on caravans became common so it needs a bit of work to be legal. P F Jones can supply towbar and relay to your fitter. Good luck and happy caravanning!
  3. Last year I bought a Brink second-hand removeable towbar from Eurojag and had it fitted by a Jaguar independant garage. The rear bumper needs a small piece taking out to give access to the towing plug(s). I've no idea what your contact meant by 'too old'; maybe this is code for 'I don't want the job'. I heard that many towbar fitters don't like to do S-Type electrics because they use a negative earth electric system which they have difficulty understanding. I bought a TEB7AJ relay, which is specific to the S-Type, off Ebay and fitted it myself. Quite straightforward for a DiY project. They system works OK but because the car is so well soundproofed I can't hear the beep from the relay telling me the indicators are working. There is provision on the relay to fit an indicator light. Is your caravan 2 x 7-pin or single 13-pin electrics and does it have LED road lights?
  4. My '04 3.0 SE before and after no. 2 daughter's wedding with polished headlamp lenses and diy mesh grille.
  5. I used to have the click noise from my climate air flaps all the time. I put it down to the car having stood for a while with the flaps stuck in one position before I bought it. I have tried changing the air distribution from Auto to any of the other settings e.g. when at traffic lights with nothing else to do and now the clicking only happens occasionally. Things also improved after I ran the car without a cabin filter and put the fan on max to see if any bits of dirt were dislodged. Some stuff came out of the vents and I was glad I had my specs on!
  6. When I took on my S-Type there was no sign of the long bolt which holds the battery in, just a rusty stub sticking out underneath and a Halfords receipt for a new battery with the documents. The battery was 'held' in place by a daisy chain of cable-ties. This looked like a potential MoT fail to me. Not having seen the system as it should be, I drilled and tapped the remains of the captive bolt in the boot floor and put a new 1.5" long bolt in from underneath. Now the plastic battery retaining block is held by a nylok nut and the threads are inside the boot. So the bolt head can rust all it likes under the boot floor, I won't be touching it again for the life of the car.
  7. Hi all. Back in '73 I had a '67 3.4 S auto. MAL 400E did you survive? 40+ years later I now have an '04 S-Type 3.0 SE auto. It had been stood for a while and had moss all round the windows, dull paint and flat-spotted tyres but it seems to be behaving itself after a coil pack failed and was replaced. Luckily it was one of the ones that were easy to get to. I found and fixed a broken wire in the driver's heated seat and that works OK now. I've had a Brink towbar fitted and made my own mesh grille and it's just had 4 hardly-used Goodyear Vector tyres fitted to replace the cracked 10-year-old Toyos. After several Citroens I'm just loving being a Jaguar owner again!