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  1. Anyone replaces the rear brake pipes on your S Type, did you pull your hair out or is it not a too difficult job
  2. I done my belt from the top, same method as you but I never touched the battery, I tried that many belts to find one to fit that I can do a belt change in 5 minutes.
  3. jampot

    Aux belt

    Yes I have the belt fitted and all is well thank you, and the part number is written in large letters on the workshop wall. Thanks again for your help
  4. jampot

    Aux belt

    Great thanks for that, I will give them a call, I will be glad to get this sorted.
  5. jampot

    Aux belt

    Hello, its SAJAC1P73FM75185 . Thanks in advance.
  6. jampot

    Aux belt

    What have I got to do to get this !Removed! belt, we tried all the belts Europarts have and not one was long enough, Jag said there is only one belt for the S Type sir and its this one, like to see them fit a belt that's 4 " to short.
  7. My 3.0 S Type has done 160000 miles, it still pull like a train and at tick over the engine is still almost silent, oil is changed every 5000 miles, yes I know, but my mate done that with a 145 Volvo and it did 302000 miles with no problem.
  8. Help !!!!! I have a beautiful S Type, 2002 3'0 v6, I have ordered a new aux belt for it and each time I get the wrong one, its to short, everyone insists there is only one belt stated for my car, putting the two belts together mine is a few inches longer , anyone have any idea's or help because this is driving me up the wall.
  9. My unlocking program sorted itself out, it has another weird problem now, on the same stretch of road my engine management light comes on, I just clear the fault then it does it again the next time I drive that road , its next to a farm so I am wondering if their transmitter has something to do with it.
  10. Just a quick update to a misfire I had, I was out and about and had to fill with fuel and I filled up with Shell petrol instead of my local BP garage and the misfire has gone, she don't like BP, or supermarket fuel for that matter.
  11. I got the one whats in your link, its in the car at the moment and the wife has gone out in it, I have had the manifold off my friends S Type, I cheated a little, I undone as little as possible and propped it up with a piece of wood, like you I will get high quality parts then its done.
  12. Hello Russ, its started working ok now, but that what was putting me off was taking the door trim off, these locking systems seem to have a mind of their own. I have one of those OBD readers and I get on ok with it, but I brought a better one off ebay that does Jag and Land Rover, it found a dodgy wheel sensor then the car was telling me gearbox fault, hope you get your locking system sorted, I have now got to find why I am getting a slight misfire on gentle load, might be time for coil packs
  13. No the spare is the same, I think I will live with it rather than pull the door trim off, I was just curious to see if anyone else had ever had this problem Many thanks David .
  14. I have a small problem with my central locking, locking the vehicle is fine, but unlocking I have to press the button a few times, sometimes I have to use the key in the door, but if I press the unlocking button on the key and flick the drivers door handle a few times it unlocks, now before I pull the drivers door trim off does anyone agree the problem is in the door.
  15. As mentioned I would start by replacing the battery and checking the earth, we had a Range Rover in with a list of faults, Land Rover wanted the owners right arm, fixed with a new battery.