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  1. Hi, does anyone have any tips on how to replace the front indicator bulbs on a X350, the LH side is hard enough if you have sausage fingers like me, but the RN side there's not even enough room to get the bulb cover off! Any help greatly appreciated! Thank you
  2. Hi Steve I work in the Surrey area and would always use 'Surrey Jag Centre', not quite in your part of Surrey, but they are very good, reasonably priced with the offer of a courtesy car too. The owner is Ray a Supreme Master Technician, if you just Google 'Surrey Jag Centre' they will come up or you can call them on 0208 689 3333. Regards Kevan
  3. Me too Paul as it's really important that you do tell your insurance company, so many don't and end up uninsured!
  4. Hi Kevan, 

    My son has an X Type 2.0 litre diesel  Estate on a 2006 plate. The car suddenly had a power loss which I guessed was a turbo problem, which my mechanic proved to be correct.

    It tuned out to be the two pipes that run close to the EGR that had failed and which were temporarily repaired so that the engine could be started to look at an injector issue, which was rectified. The car is now back on the road and working fine, but the two repaired pipes do need replacing.

    I have tried to get second hand ones, but my source has not replied.

    I do not know the part numbers - the old pipes numbers are worn out, as you would expect.

    Are you able to determine the part numbers and possibly supply?




    1. GrowlerParts


      Hi Peter

      Unfortunately I am not going to be much help to you as I am overseas until July 23rd and I don't have access to my parts catalogue when I am away.

      If I can help when I get back please let me know.



    2. Old Peter

      Old Peter

      Please do Kevan. I will wait, as his car is running nicely with a bit of a whistle!

  5. Hi Mike I used to work in the Surrey and surrounding area and would also get my Jaguars (at that time XJS & X300) serviced by the 'Surrey Jag Centre' in Croydon a great well run Jaguar Specialist garage with a wealth of knowledge and expertise, a free loan car (Jaguar) was always available when booked in advance. Run by Ray it's well worth a try! - see link below 'Surrey Jag Centre' Regards Kevan
  6. Welcome to the Club Chris and welcome to Jaguar motoring, I am sure you will enjoy it! Regards Kevan
  7. Hi Ian Welcome to the Club from me too! Frank is 100% right about checking the MOT history, this service from the DVLA is worth the cars weight in gold! Also "Under-trays fitted obscuring some underside components, Engine covers fitted obscuring some components in the engine bay." is a common 'Advisory' which I think isn't really an 'Advisory' and isn't fair to include it as such, but as under-trays and engine covers are standard now and MOT inspectors are not allowed to 'dismantle' areas on the car I suppose it covers them. Good luck and happy motoring! Regards Kevan
  8. That's great Christopher! Fingers crossed!
  9. Hi Dan Yes I have just checked my Handbook and it definitely says that if 'DPF Full' shows drive for 20 minutes at a minimum of 30 mph, I think a lot of people think they need to "give it a blast" to clear the soot whereas it just needs to reach normal operating temperature for long enough (20 mins) to do the job! Hopefully yours will settle down now that it's in your hands as 42,000 miles is not a lot for an eight your old Jaguar. Regards Kevan
  10. Hi All I have never tried the 'premium' fuels, but my 2.7 XF covers less than 10 miles a day normally in traffic and I do find that the 'DPF Full' amber warning is seen every couple of months. I think the important thing is to act on the amber warning ASAP as if it goes to a red warning you'll then need the re-gen, so as soon as I see the amber warning I normally follow the handbook instruction of driving for approx 20 minutes at a speed in excess of 30 mph, this always clears the warning. I do sometimes use an additive to reduce the combustion temperature of the soot particles, the one below that I use recommends usage every third time of filling up.
  11. Hi Robin & welcome Like Peter I have front and rear sensors as well as the reverse aid camera and although I have never had parking sensors on any of my previous Jaguars I wouldn't be without them now! I would have thought that Jaguar would have fitted front sensors and rear camera as standard on the Portfolio; Jaguar certainly like to squeeze every penny out of you that they can, unfortunately it's not pennies that we are talking about! Regards Kevan
  12. I think the rear window tints look really nice, I had mine done as a factory option from Jaguar, so glad I did!
  13. Hi Dino Great to see your XF the right way up! It looks great, I believe it's the same colour as mine, Lunar Grey.
  14. Hi Peter, Steve and others I have access to the Jaguar system to produce a report showing build date, trim and paint spec as well as factory fitted options etc, so if anyone wants to send me their VIN I can print out these details for them. Regards Kevan