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Diesel performance chip


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Hi everyone. Just brought an XF 3.0 portfolio. Wondered if anyone has fitted a performance chip. Fitted one a few yrs ago to my old 57 plate grandis diesel and it gave me 6 mpg extra. Thanks, Gary.

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Hi Gary and welcome.


Personally I would not consider one of the plug in chips, but I may consider a remap.


I had a bad experience with a plug in chip.


We only got our XF (3.0 Diesel) a couple of weeks ago, the previous car was an Audo TT 1.8 Turbo, we had that remapped and it absolutely transformed it :)


We also have a Kia Sorento Diesel and that has been remapped and also showed significant improvement.


The mapper who did our Sorento and TT says he has done quite a few 3.0 Diesel jags and they drive better afterwards, but I am reluctant, for starters we have a years Jaguar warranty on our car which I would not want to lose.


The plug in boxes only intercept the pressure signal from the common rail and send an altered signal back to the ECU so that the ECU pumps the pressure up and runs the rail at a higher pressure. A remap can not only adjust that rail pressure, it can also adjust various other parameters, such as mixture ratio, timing and turbo pressure. This is done within the safe control of the ECU,  With the plug in tuning boxes the ECU does not really know what is going on. It thinks its running x psi when in fact its running x + y psi, the ECU has no idea of that true pressure, effectively you have a clever computer controlling the engine and you send it misleading signals without actually knowing what the ECU will do with that information. Its like having a Woman you love and telling her lies, the outcome will be unpredictable. In my case it only caused the engine to cut out, the fact that I was fully loaded towing a caravan with two kids in the back doing 50mph on a motorway, with two lanes of slip road between me and the hard shoulder at the time made it a bit scarey.

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