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DIY leather refurb system

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I bought a leather refurb system off eBay some years ago to have a go at my first X Type steering wheel which was showing heavy signs if wear and it was excellent, but for the life of me cant remember what it was called.


I now find myself needing to freshen up some signs of wear on the drivers seat, anyone got any experiences of products that they've been happy with?



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I like Autoglym products very much Peter, and have a number of there products. Just an aside our local Halfords were doing 3 for 2 on all cleaning products last weekend, don't know if was nation wide or restricted to our local branch.


Do they have the colour variants Peter?

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I think that you might have to go to Jaguar for the colour variants, Kevin.


I will ask someone I know who runs an Auto Accessory shop.


Curiously, I have just the owner of an accessory shop who says that colour variants are not on general sale and you would have to go to the manufacturer or to a leather expert.


I will look around as I have a small area I would like to refurbish.



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As I said in my first post Peter, the system I had, you had to provide reg, vin and paint/trim code and the guy was very helpful. When I got it through the post I was very dubious because the top of my steering wheel was worn to the fabric underneath. I was very patient with it and applied multiple coatings over a number of days and the results were fantastic. The kit also came with a gentle leather cleaner and conditioner, but for the life of me I cant remember where I had it from. I'd recognise it straight away though if I saw it.

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