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Insurance for F-Type


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I have just joined the club and have noticed that the club is recommending Adrian Flux as a good for source for insurance requirements. I have just bought an F-Type roadster and am looking to insure it as soon as the 7 day complimentary insurance runs out. I was going to use Jaguar insurance as I like the idea of the vehicle being repaired, if necessary, by Jag appointed body shops using Jag OEM parts. However, every time I use their website I get a different quote which does not fil me with confidence. Indeed, the quote I was given by the dealership comes up circa £200 more expensive when I click through to the website! I have tried phoning Jag Insurance but that is a joke! Does anyone have experience of actually claiming on insurance obtained via Adrian Flux?


Thanks for any advice.





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Hi paul and welcome to the Club.


I found Adrian Flux expensive when I tried for a quote after my car was stolen.


I went to Compare the market.com  and got a quote £300 less than my then insurer with Swift Cover.





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Hi Peter


Thank you for the reply. I am not too bothered about getting the cheapest insurance; I want one that I know will be painless in the event of a claim, and that will allow me to have my car repaired by a Jaguar approved body shop.


I did go on to comparethemarket and could get insurance for one third of the Jag Insurance quote, but it is so cheap I am not confident of it's ability to deliver should it become necessary.


Best regards.



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I use these for my XKR, as I did for the Astons and BMW's , but they all prey on people's fear anyhow .


I agree with Peter about Adrian Flux , Swift Cover wouldn't insure me as I didn't have a tracker ( cannot use them in north Devon ) so I can't comment on them.




The blonde girl comes free if you insure through them .





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