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Greetings, New for Old


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Hi folks, just joined the forum having discovered it yesterday.  I've just bough a late S-Type 2006 3.0 V6 Sport which is in excellent condition, FSH etc. - 48K on the clock, BBS Wheels, S/S exhausts new last year.  I bought it for the same price as my daughter's basic mini from 2007 also bought this year - how we value these things beats me - I'm now driving something that feels terrific - fast, solid, no rattles or squeaks, with that amazing ride quality and I cannot help but compare it to the basic and bumpy BMW box called the Mini costing the same money!  I have had a 2000 3.0V6 SE for a few years and it's now ready to be put out to pasture as the MOT bills were steadily increasing and this year the gearbox almost got me killed when it slipped and disengaged on a busy roundabout where I nearly got sideswiped by an articulated lorry as a result, so I'd had enough.  However, am pleased to report that the new 2006 car is totally different in so many ways as I'm sure you aficionados all know!  The old SE will be off to the knackers yard soon - will be sad to see her go.  But is it great to experience first hand how the S-Type had been improved over its production run and especially since 2005 - it surely has to be one of the greatest used bargains on the market right now. 


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Welcome to the Club, Bryan.


Experiences are meant to be shared  ---  so useful.


The later S types did get more than a facelift in some respects, but the S Type is still a great car.





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