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  1. Hi Paul, I have had a recent major problem with my S type Diesel auto box. Like you I had a to have a major rebuild of the 'box to the tune of £3600 from an independent Jag Specialist in Derby. From what I gather I have now got a new 'box in the old casing and it works wonderfully. The cause, apparently, was glycol from the antifreeze from the engine coolant system contaminating the oil in the gearbox which in turn destroys seals etc. irreparably killing the gearbox. I understand that the original oil cooler is part of the radiator and over time the alloy corrodes between the tow coolers allowing water and antifreeze into the gearbox, the water evaporates and the glycol does its damage. As part of the gearbox rebuild Performance and Elite Jags in Derby fitted a new cooler with new piping so this particular problem can not raise its head again. This seems to be a well documented problem with these vehicles on other forums etc. and appears to happen at any time, my Jag has only now passed 60000 miles and is a 2005 model. This may not be the cause of the problem but if they have not got rid of the gearbox oil it can be analysed for contaminants and this problem put to bed. Hope this helps. Martin
  2. HI Jonathon, I bought my 2005 S type earlier in the year and instantly fell in love with it. Unfortunately as I got it from a smaller garage I only had 3 months warranty. The auto box failed at 5 months and I had to have it rebuilt to the tune of £3600, some would say good money after bad but the old girl still makes me smile every time I take her out. Me and the missus would have preferred not to have paid so much but well worth it in our opinion. By the way thanks to Elite and Performance Jags in Derby who carried out the work, highly recommended. regards Martin
  3. I would love to come along but have a weekend away planned. A shame, as I have been before and its really an interesting visit. Hopefully next time. Martin
  4. Not had my S type for too long, 2.7 diesel. but still puts a smile on my face every time I get in it. Shame the old SE is bound for the scrappers, still I suppose it comes to us all! Regards Martin
  5. Not ashamed to say that seeing these brave men and women brought a tear to my eye. We should not forget!
  6. Managed to get away to Lincoln over the Whit week, not Sherwood forest as intended, but a good test of the Jag all the same. The Jag has turned out to be one of the best tow cars I have ever had! We have a largeish caravan, 19 feet and 1.4 tonnes, and it towed it effortlessly getting 27mpg. As the car is heavy too it's manners on the M1 were very good, with next to no "tail wagging the dog occurrences." In fact I found myself having to use the cruise control to stop me going up and beyond the legal limit of 70mph never mind 60. Roll on the summer Holidays! regards Martin PS S type is still putting a smile on my face every time I get in it, long may it continue.
  7. Do not go with Triangle tyres! I have these on the rear of my S type, not through choice, bought with them on. They are cheap for a reason, the road noise under load is awful and again whether it is due to the compound on some roads it feels like the roads are corrugated. Really not recommended. I have since done a search on line and found that a there are a lot of complaints, grumbles etc. not a tyre I would use again. Thanks Martin
  8. Judging from the results shown above I am going to have to give this a go. Never used it before though, I guess others are in the same boat so without repeating what already may be on the forum any tips on its use. Thanks Martin PS never really had a car before that I wanted to put that kind of a shine on!
  9. Arrived late in the day due to having to go all the way to Bromsgrove for Midday to pick up my S Type which was finally fixed. I did have a very pleasant conversation with Steve and Simon, Simon thanks for arranging "the Do", but would have liked to have met more members, hopefully next time. By the way my wife, Helen, loved the XK, one for the future perhaps! Looking forward to the next meet. Big thanks Martin
  10. For those in the Derby area there is an independent, Elite and Performance Jags, which has been recommended to me. They have their pricing for all services displayed on the site so you can see exactly how much you will pay. Already spoke to them about a problem with my S type and they did seem very knowledgeable.
  11. Getting the S type back today after having a new torque converter fitted. Will be having the tow bar fitted on Thursday, after you apparently as we had to put the fitting back due to problems with the car. Other than that it should be all ready for a trip out to Sherwood Forest at half term, somewhere reasonably close for a first time to see how the Jag performs. Really looking forward to the break Good luck Margaret, hope everything goes to plan!
  12. Had some good news late yesterday afternoon, the Jag is apparently ready for collection. I will have to collect it today ideally so I will be late to Alfreton, probably mid afternoon as the car is in a garage by Bromsgrove. Fingers crossed I will see you all later. Thanks Martin
  13. Bugger, Jag still not back from Mr Fixer so me and my wife will be coming up but not in as much style as I had hoped. Ah well if it's as nice a day as we are all expecting then at least it should be a nice run out in the wife's 93 convertible.
  14. I too have had the dreaded dings and bashes in car parks. I have lost count of the amount of scrapes on various cars over the years, the worst being a van reversing into a Mondeo I have recently sold on the car park at work, £1600 worth of damage but the bloke did have the decency to come to the main office and admit to his mistake. Like the others above I park as far from the store, and therefore everyone else, to minimise damage and have done this for some time what ever car I am driving. Thanks to all the lazy shoppers as this gives us more room for our big cats, and the wife's Saab 93 'vert Rant over Martin