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Squeaky Steering


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Further to my annoying squeak, today I went to my Jaguar dealer to buy the additive for the power steering that was recommended by one of our fine members. The dealers knew all about it but didn't have any in. So I will need to get some from the internet, BUT the Dealers said it's not just a matter of pouring it in, there is a procedure to follow.

Which brings me to the point of this question, does anyone know the Procedure?

Thank you in advance.

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Thanks Graham, did you have help, as far as I can see it needs two people, I'm glad it worked for you though, thank you for taking the time to let me know, it looks like we have identical cars with identical squeaks , well not you now.



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no i did it myself.

I just ran the car up to temperature,gave it a run,poured in the additive,full lock left and right,took it on another run(any excuse),

then over the next couple of weeks the squeak went away.

My car is not used a lot a now thats why i think it took sometime.


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