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Considering Purchasing Coupe or Convertible

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Hi Guys and Girls,

currently running a 2004 S-type which is fairly easy to fit into my garage which is 82" wide with about a foot from the rear door,so nice and snug.

This question may have been asked before, but as i am not keen on leaving it outside the 64000$ question is would it fit in my garage.

I realise that the doors would be larger so would getting in and out of the drivers side be a none starter?

I park the s-type nearside as close to the garage wall as possible and can open the drivers door halfway which is enough for me to get in/out.

Many Thanks


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You can never tell until you experiment, Graham.


You might need to estimate door dimensions with your S type.


My garage is long enough but I have never tried the Jaguars as my daughter has too much of her stuff stored there.




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Thanks for the reply Peter.

I will measure the gap i have when the drivers oor is open.

The XK8 looks so good and with some cash coming my way i thought it just would be nice to own one.

I do think the s-type is a superb car but i have never owned an xk8 and they do look nice,as do most Jaguars.

Graham :D

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