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XFS Odometer display disappeared???

harry joy

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Hi Guys


Hope someone can help me on this....


I have a 2009 3.0d XFS Portfolio - only had it 4 months... dream car.  The service light came on the about a week ago.  Its only done 9000miles since its last service 12months ago.  Anyway, I asked the mobile vehicle technician, who I know well - he does all our work vans for us at work -  to service it.


When he has plugged his computer in to reset the service reminder, which he has done ok, he seems to have made the trip info, including odometer, disappear.  The trip button on the indicator stalk doesn't do anything now and there is no display on the screen,  If I go into the touch screen I can see the trip info there....and it all looks fine....but I can't get the info e.g range, mileage on to the screen behind the wheel.


Any ideas?

Master reset?


Thanking you in advance....

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That's just the thing...it's got him stumped too....he had said that I can take into a main dealer and he will pay for the work but I keep thinking there must be something I'm missing....

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hmmm problem maybe the fact you dont need a computer to reset the service light


from memory (could be in accurate info)

you press and hold the fog light switch whilst turning the ignition on ie dont press the brake when ignition is on you press and hold the left stalk then the dash lights up resetting service indicator (or something like) maybe he reset something else with his computer.....

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