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help needed

harley daz

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hi every 1 i'm new to jag ownership and to this forum and would love the help from all you mechanical gods. so i bought myself a 2002, 2.5 s type, the other night and on the way home the temp guage was sat pointing straight up and looked right for about 30 mins and from that point on it was reading cold and only sometimes returning to were it should be.now i had already been briefed on how sensative these are with a dodgy electric supply and having already checked the Oil and coolant levels wasnt too bothered. on the way home my wipers came up and sat right in my view path and wouldnt go back down and it blew a coolant pipe luckily while i was sat at the service station so no damage done. but now with a new propper battery fitted all fluid levels checked the temp guage works for a short while then just drops off sometimes not all the way also the engine sometimes goes into safe mode and shows low coolant levels on dash when they are fine. now i'm wondering if it could have anything to do with a temp sensor or maybe something to do with the fact that it has a LPG kit on it, (a recent conversion). so any thoughts would be very welcome    

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Welcome to the Club, Darrell.


I am no engineer, but from what you say it could well be a sensor telling the ECU the wrong information.


I am also curious as to why someone would want an LPG conversion on a fairly economical Jaguar, and wonder if something has been disturbed when it was done.  If the conversion  has a warranty I would be inclined to check with the company who did the conversion if all is well.





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