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An Ipswich newbie

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Hello there.


My name is Roy.

I'm a Jaguar fanatic, previously owned a Silver 3 ltr S Type - gorgeous long-legged cruiser.


Currently own a 2001 XK8 and a 2009 XF.


The XK8 was Jaguars' publicity car when new and featured in numerous brochures.

It (was) Anthracite grey/black metallic, oatmeal trim with almost every goodie possible fitted.

New Jaguar factory fitted engine 34,000 miles ago.

I've had it 3+ years and it has a lifetime warranty as long as I keep the car - which I intend doing.


It was recently wrapped in the Gulf racing team colours and had a brand new set of Raceline black wheels and orange callipers at the same time.

Some will say Aaarrgghhh.....

It get praising comments and admiring looks everywhere I go in it - I love it.

It's a weekend and good-weather car and only does around 500-1000 miles per year.


I bought the XF for my wife when I retired 10 months ago.
It's the Premium luxury model, in Emerald Fire green with Barley leather. It has just about all the extra's.


I build large scale model Jaguars now as a hobby, and for commission.

Currently completing a 1/8 1954 Le-Mans C Type with full engine detail.


BTW..... The model is scratch-built - NOT a kit.


Jags - Can't beat 'em.











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Excellent ! to be honest I'm not keen on the colour, but each to his own, I'm half Welsh anyhow, so what do I know ?


Aston martins are not worth talking about as Jags are the best , and everyone should have one in their retirement .






P.S. fantastic model by the way, I get really irritated that I can't do anything like that !

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