My C Type - 1953

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Just though some of you might be interested in my 1953 C Type.

It's the Le Mans winner, the Rolt/Hamilton car.



 It's a model.


I scratch-built it, which means it's not a kit.

I had to make everything myself although I had the Webber carbs 'printed' by a company in Germany.


It's 1/8 scale and it's the first time I've ever 'scratch' built a model car.

I learned a lot along the way - about 4 months.


The body is carbon kevlar - a bit like fibre glass but thinner and stronger.

Formed in a rubber mould taken from a hand carved wood body former.

The chassis/engine frame is brass tube/section/plate and virtually everything else is made from bits, scrap, and anything I could use or adapt.


The wheels are Ally rims and hubs with hand laced spokes.

Seats are plasticard covered in thin leather.


The manifolds (and I'm quite chuffed with this...) are made from old microphone cable.

All the decals, badges, labels and even the map on the 'passenger' seat were also home printed.


Finished size is around 50 cm or 20" long.


Hope you good souls like my little C Type.

Next up is a short nose D Type - then maybe a Lightweight E Type.



















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That is Stunning!!!


well done I wish I had a fraction of your talent

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