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wheel nuts


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I have asked for help within the X Type forum but no replies. Does anyone know of a replacement wheel nut set to replace these awful fragile ones fitted by Jaguar.

Also I have a cracked wheel nut security key socket so I now cannot remove the locking wheel nuts. Jaguar no longer stock these so can it be repaired or replaced from another supplier.

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I've learned my lesson the hard way.  A few days ago I had a flat whilst at the local supermarket. Over the years I've had a few such incidents but this one tops the lot. I've never had a puncture with this car. No problem I thought. Emptied the boot and accessed the tools and mini spare. Jacked up and tried to remove the first nut with the Jaguar provided tool. I'd never examined it before but I quickly recognised that it was not fit for purpose. It's made of alloy and the business part was mashed. I  managed to get a lift home and collected a 19mm socket and bar and then returned to the supermarket. Could I get the socket on the shrouded nuts? No. Well, yes, all but one. Had to call my local garage, the man came out straight away and explained the problem. The Jag wheel nuts have a shiny sheath which is pressed on during manufacture. Unfortunately it allows water ingress and the steel nut rusts, which process makes for expansion. The mechanic had a very heavy copper mallet with him which he used to get a 19mm socket on to the wheel nut............. I'm glad I wasn't in the middle of nowhere.


Anyway, the Jaguar supplied tool went straight in the bin and after trying a 19mm socket on all the other wheel nuts, I bought a complete new set of nuts. Also, after looking at this forum, I bought a set of locking wheel nuts to replace the fragile Jag ones.


If I have any advice after this incident it is to check that a 19mm socket fits easily on to each wheel nut. If it doesn't, replace the lot. Don't wait until you have to change a wheel.

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There are Toyota ones available on eBay, I bought a set after reading about all the problems people have been having.


They do have a slightly larger head (21mm instead of 19mm) so don't forget to put a bigger socket in your boot ;)

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On 26/10/2015 at 9:16 PM, Trooper2142 said:

Hi Peter

You may have sorted your problem, but i believe there is a Toyota wheel nut that Fits. I haven't had any problems yet but i really should look into replacing the original wheel nuts.



This is correct today i fitted a set of 20 that were made for the lexus fit perfect only difference is they are 21mm nut instead of 19mm 

i had a barain 20 x origional nuts a guy bought never fitted sold the car for 15 quid delivered :)

they seem a better quality 


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ive noticed that when ever i have new tryes fitted they use the air gun that always does them super tight!!!!     but the thing i do is undo them ASAP then for alloy wheels torque setting = 100nm   and for steel wheels = 85nm  and lucky for me so far ive had no problems with my nuts...(wheel nuts)

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