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im very very new to the jaguar community


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hi guys and girls,

my name is ricki and i am pleased to say i now own a 1998 xj8 3.2l and im in love with it already,

i am 25 so all of my friends think i am having a crisis for owning one but i cant be more happy with it.

will be good speaking to you all and getting to know some of you.

i am from high wycombe and am wanting to go to meets and see some of you in person sometime in the future...


best regards



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Welcome, i'm sure you will enjoy the Jag, they just have that certain "something" .


If you get any problems there is usually someone about that will point you in the right direction .


I might add, that Peter and myself are the oldest surviving Jaguar owners .





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Yeah I love it it has done 38000 miles with the brand new engine but clock says 138000 full service history and every recept and mot bit of paper changes the rear wheel bearing today as it had gone that was an easy job needs the paint redoing and some rust patches need sorting but I only paid £600 so I am very happy

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