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New and need help


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Hi, just bought my first Jag and very pleased so far. Hopefully pic attached of my baby!!

I was looking to know, my xf has rear parking sensors and I would like to add a reversing camera and front sensors to it.

Can anyone advise me of the full/correct procedure for doing this?

What all parts do I need so I can order exactly what I require and if you have a rough idea of price would be great.

If you can be as detailed as possible would be really appreciated as I'm a technophobe and need to be spoon fed lol.

Thanks allpost-5453-0-29328300-1407856370_thumb.jp

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Welcome to the Club, Roger.


Reverse sensors should be standard on most models, but I think front sensors are optional extras.   A quick check is a look at the front and rear bumpers.


I am no expert on car electrics, but there are quite a few members who are most knowledgeable in these wonderful things that are available nowadays.


Your Jaguar looks vert smart.  Enjoy the experience.





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Welcome to the club, nice motor, it is in gangster white like my XJ Supersport was ( think it's called Polaris white)


Not sure how to about the reversing camera ( I find mine a Godsend) But i presume you need something like this , it's an American site unfortunately)




This might be of some help also:




This eBay link might shed some light on things also:







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