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hi paul welcome to the club mate. dont be kidded the x-type is a good car. and hope you get years of trouble free driving with it, most people love them and dont buy any other car once they have had a jag. charlie

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grahame get yourself a set of winter tyres for the xf. they give you a fantastic grip on the road and they are great in the snow. used to have a merc few years ago, ive had a few any way the thing would not move in an inch of snow got a set of winter tyres and it whent throug 6-8 inches now prob at all. i even had a set for the lousy x5 i had before the xk and i have a set for it as well. my eldest has a 325m coupe and he has a set for his. the xf is a fantastic car ive never driven one but looked at a few they look great. charlie

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Welcome to the Club, Paul and Grahame.


The Jaguar experience is unique and you will never drive another make of car.  That is what I was told when I bought my first Jaguar, and X Type. And the man was right.


And don't get kidded about the  X Type  --  it is a very good car and a real Jaguar.





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