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rear hub removal


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Hi All.

I'm having a problem removing the offside rear hub from my 99 s type.

Removed caliper etc, removed center nuts and used a slide hammer hub puller. Hasn't shifted.

Am I missing something? Undid the control arms etc to remove hub assembly and driveshaft

Came out of diff. Put it back and connected hub assembly back up. Hub still won't budge. Desparetly need to get it back on the road, have to change bearing. Any help welcomed.


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Hi Bill, and welcome to the Club.


I have had a look around and this job does not seem to easy from the experience of others.


I don't get my hands oily any more, I'm afraid. However, some members will be able to advise and assist.


I am guessing that you know  bit about cars, and have used all the usual aids such as WD40 to get it free.


Let us know how you get on.






PS.  My S type knows Halton quite well, as I lived in the Borough, north of the river, for over 30 years. 

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Hi Peter,

Thanks for reply mate, you still around Runcorn ways? I live in warrington now but my building business is still based in Runcorn.

Well, this hub deal has beat me.  I've put loads of penetrating Oil around it, heated it, and applied so much force, still no movement.  Need the car for Sun, so looks like i'll have to get someone to do it.


I do enjoy fixing things myself normally.

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Hi Bill,


I left Widnes for North Wales --  worked there -- in 1967, then to Derbyshire in 1971  --  changed jobs, and then to Sutton Coldfield --  promotion -- 1982.  Still here.


I did have a season ticket at Widnes Vikings till this season.


I read a lot about hub your problem on a few sites and a lump hammer was mentioned more than once.





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Success!!  When i replied last, was sat morn i think, i had given in and was looking at getting a whole assembly inc. driveshaft from a breakers yard.  When i went to remove the three legged puller i'd left on really really tight on fri night, it didn't feel as tight as i left it, so i tightened and tightened, then i got an almighty bang and off it came.  Happy days, got ATS to press new bearing in and took off to blackpool for a few days we had planned. 

Back on the road, for now, lets see what trouble she gives next  ;)  

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