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Hi,everybody need a bit of help.just got car back from MOT,(collective groan)it seems the drivers seat will not go all the way back.having been in the correct position when i got it there has been no need to change it ,anyway,the seat itself sees to swollow change from my pockets whenever i get in the car,so i was wondering would it be possible for a coin to be stuck in the track,now comes the help how do i remove the seat to find out .cant find any information of how to removes the seat,so instruction will be helpful,the rest of the MOT wasnt thet bad,thanks in advance for your help.Adi.

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Hi Adrian,


An interesting issue, and I think you have got to the nub of the problem.


I have never removed seats for about 50 years -- the last car I did that on was a 1962 Triumph Herald  --  but I do believe that it is not too difficult.


To prevent it happening again, deeper pockets would be the solution :)





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I had a pen stuck in my track stopping the seat moving all the way back . there are 4 plastic covers over the seat removal bolts. you can easitty see them if you look on the 4 corners. Then after removal of the covers it is a straightforward bolt removal for each corner.


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