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First post!!

Dave Beard

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Hi Guys


My first post on the forum. I'm currently the proud owner of a 1995 X300 sovereign, my second Jag the first being an xj6 3.2. I'm stumped with a problem on the sovereign and really hope some of you guys can give me some advice. The car runs beautifully from cold, however when the car has been run for an hour or so if I turn the engine off when I go to restart a short while later it will start but runs very rough and sometimes cuts out......... If left for a period of time (few hours - over night) it will then start with no problems at all!!! I have been told it could be the camshaft position sensor or the crank position sensor. I would appreciate any advice you guys have as to what could be causing this and where I should start looking. :D

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Thank you Peter!

I have just found some information that leads me to think it may have something to do with the engine coolant temp. sensor not sending the correct signal to the ECM. Anybody agree with this???

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Hi David,


I have heard  a complaint from somewhere in the past that the ECU responds to the information from a sensor rather than a problem in the engine   --   which it is supposed to do.  The conclusion must be, that if the engine is running properly,then the sensor is unable to send the right message because the sensor itself is faulty.


I had an issue yesterday with the Oil in my 2.7 D engine.  The dipstick was saying that there was too much Oil.  My mechanic checked it out, took out some Oil, dipped the oil again and found that there was an indication that there was still too much oil in, when we knew that there wasn't.  There was no water in the oil,either.  We concluded that the dipstick design, which is rather curious was dragging up oil when it was being taken out, and so giving a false reading.





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Hi David

Don't know if this helps but I had a similar problem with my first Jag (an XJ6) where it was rough when starting warm and also smoke from the exhaust pipes. It turned out to be a small sensor on the air intake, once replaced the car ran fine for about six months then the problem returned so I changed the sensor again. This worked fine until I changed the car, apparently it was a common problem.


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