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2001 XJ8 Rumble in 5th gear between 60-75mph


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Hello All


Please can anyone shed some light on a mystery noise I have in my XJ8.


When the car reaches 60mph a cyclic rumble starts continues to approx 75mph (worse at 2400rpm - 67mph).


If while experiencing the rumble you select 4th gear it virtually disappears.


I have had the propshaft balanced, wheelbearings checked, whole drivetrain alignment checked, 4 wheel alignment checked, changed to 4 new tyres, rear dampers changed. all to no avail.


The car drives superbly in all other respects.


Specialist and dealer can't find the problem.


Has anyone had this issue.


All help would be much appreciated



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Welcome to the club, Dale.


I would have guessed at some of the things you have had done.


I did have a rumble in my Rover Sterling [auto] at around the same speed, but found out when I changed the front tyres that there was wear in the track rod ends ---  I don't get oily hands any more, but it cured it.  The Rover was front when drive, of course.



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Thanks Peter


Had the same problem on my 800 many years ago so thats when I thought tyres and changed them all.


Another thing I forgot to mention is that when the car is hot and idling (stopped) it has a similar frequencing of cyclic rumbling to when I'm doing motorway speeds only quieter. The car has done 96K and has been 'overserviced' as it is due its 110k service.


I think I will have the track rod ends changed at the next service.


Drivin' me nuts sir


All the best



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I had the same thing with my XJ Supersport last year, they said it would go away once the tyres had bedded in, I didn't believe them, had the tracking done, wheels balanced, bearing checked, but eventually is disappeared, it was tyre noise .





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