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Hi from Jagslag


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Hi Trevor,


On the site, Under Jaguar Owners Forum you will find a topic titled   List of recommended Independent Jaguar Garages.  I think it would be very useful to members if you put the details of your Garage on that topic, as enthusiastic Jaguar specialists are [in my opinion] much better than most main dealers.





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Excellent ! my daughter lives in Croydon ( for reasons only known to her) will do a job lot on the coffee, yourself and Keith .








Trevor (the pensioner one)

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Hi Trevor (The XK150 ONE) Welcome aboard. used to know Penge  many moons ago, in fact all SE,  mainly  Chrystal Palace,  Sydenham. Lewisham etc.  Now in Leicestershire, so to far away.  2000.  S Type passed MOT today.


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Hi. Jagslag. I'm a newbie. As old peter said there might be a lot of questions wanting answering. There is one off me for now. How can I get my jag mk 2. 3.4 upto the power of the 3.8. Will it require rebore. Thanks. Jeremy.

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Hi Trevor.


I have purchased from you before, I am looking for either mirror glasses or complete mirrors if I have to for a 2002 X150 4.0 XKR Conv, it appears they are quite rare so any help you can offer would be fantastic





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