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New member, saying hello


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Hi All


Just joined today and received an email asking me to say hello. 


I have just bought an XF S Portfolio on a 12 plate, Its black with light ivory colour trim and piano black inserts. It was love at first sight. Liked it even more when I had a go in it. Its my first Diesel. 


This is the third cat I've owned the others being an S Type (V8, an itch that needed scratching!) and my favourite car ever - a beautiful 2007 XKR. So much for my rule of not ever owning the same car manufacturers product twice. Yes apart from millionaire favourites I've had 'em all. The only exception being Land Rover. (Rangie and Disco too big, Freelander to wobbly and the Evoque not wobbly but too slow, I would never say too feminine of course.


So what do I think of the XF?


The good: The look of it, the performance and economy (how do they do that), the lack of wind and road noise, the amazingly quiet diesel that sounds like its a growling V6 petrol when pushed, ride at anything over 40, the seats, the 8 speed box, the mood lighting, lots of buttons, the B & W sound, auto everything and the electric hand break


The not so good: In car entertainment is still pretty ropey (touch screen way to small, buttons a bit fiddly when driving along, no in car hotspot and it has problems reading some MP3 files from USB), the odd bit of cheap plastic (overhead silver finished plastic and the paddles - way to tacky on a car at this level), a boot that pops up but doesn't open (what's the point?) the lack of a true comfort setting for driving around town (I love the handling generally but its a bit bumpy at slow speeds in town). Thats about it. Well done Mr Tata!


I tested an Audi A7 (goodish car but couldn't find anything not grey with a black interior and all Audi drivers are bad people, right?), a Merc 350 coupe (very close but dull old fashioned interior was the deal breaker), LR Evoque (very nice, but they don't do a quick one), and a few beemers (todays equivalent of a Mondeo - way to common and the dealer was a jerk)


Thats my story folks. All comments are meant to be light hearted. Remember its just a car and will claim all your children's inheritance no matter what it is  





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Phil ,


Welcome?  The one thing I like about my XKR is the sound system,it is a Bowers and Wilkins,  it also reads the USB stick very quickly (have you tried a different one?) . The paddles are tacky, I'll give you that , but I find the ride very comfortable


Also agree with you on the BMW front , and my dealer was a jerk also, but saying that, so is the Jag dealership where I bought mine.


My last six cars have been two jags (sound like John Prescott now) , two Aston Martins, and two BMW's. The Jags have been the best cars by far, in every way .





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Thanks for the welcome gents.


LOL moment with the Sagan quote Byrn


Trevor: My new XF has a B & W system and it is very nice, when you see the cost on the stealers option list it should be!


My beautiful ex baby (otherwise known as the XKR) was fitted with the standard ICE system but I did get an AUX and USB fitted by the dealer for some outrageous price and it read and quickly indexed a USB stick, that's why I'm surprised that a car a whole five years younger, my newly acquired 2012 XF, couldn't do the same thing. I'll try a few things and won't give up, the memory stick reads and displays the folders and tracks but will only play the songs from one folder. Very odd


I think the XK is the most beautiful Jag, I'm not saying the newer F type is ugly in any way just the proportions of the XK (in my eyes) make it the better looking car, thankfully it goes like it looks too. 


I sold my XKR when I semi retired. I had a sudden unexpected episode of sensible that said I could not justify the cost and only two seats (the back seats are only for people under three feet tall or have lost limbs and a head). Luckily this sensible period only lasted two years (I think I'm better now) and although financially I had to say goodbye to V8's I could get away with one of these new fangled Oil burning diesel things as long as it had useable seats, hence the XF


Heres to growing old disgracefully!  

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Go to the audio settings and press "mix" for a couple of seconds, that will play all the folders of music in random order .


much has to be said about being sensible , up on retirement ( my pension is being means tested by the way) I changed my name to Hendrix by deed poll and vowed to increase the number of live gigs I go to .


I do think buying a Devil's fuel car is going a tad too far though, you'll be doing your Christmas shopping next !


Should you need any music at all just tell me what you want and I'll put it on to a DVD disc in MP3 form for you ( I used to be a music researcher) .


I did look at the F Type before I bought this XKR, didn't think it looked as good in the flesh as I thought, and at the time they only had the ones with the dinky toy engine in


A couple of weeks ago 'er indoors was pestering me to get an XKR-S but for all the extra money, and not that much better performance I didn't think it was worth it




Trevor (fellow southerner)

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hi phil welcome to the club mate. i retired 18mths ago sold up to look after the wife, bought the xk as a pressie to myself. yes your right in all you say about your xkr, its not practical. the wife had a new c180 had it since new and it was just sitting ther and i stupidly sold it as i was using the xk all the time, only to buy a vauxhall insignia for picking up mother and the 2dogs. bad move. i am now thinking along the lines of getting an xj come the spring. but every were i go i get comments about the xk. how beautifull it is. so my head is in a spin about wat to do. do i keep what ive got or sell them both and get an xj. time will tell . regards charlie

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haha no trevor i am happy with my wee xk. love it to bits. i will stew it over till spring time then decide what to do but it would be the sensiable thing to have just the one no point in paying 2 ins policies . or on the other hand get rid of the gm car. charlie

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60 ? Peter and myself have older things in the fridge !


Didn't realise you still had the XK, no point in getting and XKR then ; thought you had sold it for some reason .



The wife really likes the XKR now, but is still banging on about a Mercedes.



The roads round here are not big enough for a mulsanne . Had a look at a Bentley before I got the Aston Martin, didn't like it at all, just a load of Volkswagen bits and no charisama. Much prefer the older Bentleys, but as I said the cart tracks round here are too small, that's why caravans are such a nuisance .


The Bentley I looked at was similar to this , I preferred the XJ Supersport .









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haha liked the fridge bit trevor.  the wife likes that one trevor the gtc.  but i like the mulsanne. we have live here for nearly 30yrs. maybe sell up get a wee cottage by the sea. but HM likes some of the neighbours, friendly terms. me i dont bother with them the guy &wife next door are arseholes. would move to see the back of them . but i would love the bently thou, but would have to get a trailer for the dogs haha  charlie

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'er dog is only allowed in the car to go to the vets or the kennels, can't stand the things, but it's muggins who is out every morning at 5-30 with it !


Come down here Charlie, and we can be anti social together !





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A big thanks to all for making me feel welcome, making me laugh and offering advice. 


I think I'm going to like it here. I moved to the Cotswolds about two years ago so only another eighteen years and the locals just might start to except me? Trouble is my knuckles are some way off the floor, I can breath through my nose and I don't fancy my sister so I could be wrong


Thanks again guys

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phil the moors the moors lol bryn i think it would be a first to see a bently with a tow bar trailer attched with a westie&chocolate lab in it. that would make me laugh, ps would put axminster carpet in it for them lol  charlie

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only some of us trevor only some half of us wanted shot of you lot our andrew was one of the good lot, but the pensioners who voted to stay will be shafted in may when the tories win again and stop thier heating allowance.charlie

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