Looking to buy a 2006 to 2008 XK

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Good afternoon,


I am looking at buying a used Jaguar XK 2006-2008 and I was wondering if you have any advice on what to look out for. 


I hope you can help,


Regards and thanks in advance



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I don't think there seems to be any particular problems with them.


They (as most more recent Jags) seem to benefit from a decent battery,


Why not go for the 5 litre XKR ( although I think the year(s) you want to get will be the 4.2 engine)? this really pees the Aston Martin owners off !


I think the XK is a cracking looking car , and along with the S type is the best looking out of all the Jags in my opinion , and shouldn't give you any trouble.


Something like this would be a cracking car , this is just an example from an expensive garage.







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Hi Sean,


Another good man from God's own County joining the Club is welcome.


There are quite a few XK owners in the club who will give good advice.





Lancastrian in exile.

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One thing to make sure of is that there is no water leaking into the passenger footwell from a blocked air con drain.

The official fix of this job is complete removal of the dash only to change a "duck bill" type drain tube. The replacement tube is pennies but the manhours make the job very expensive. My 2007 XK has suffered this problem on and off since I've had it  - approx 3 years. Have a look at this thread to get some idea of what's involved.




Having said all of that - I love my XK and would buy another - just make sure the air con drain doesn't leak !!!!

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Hi guys,


Thanks for you comments, I bought a 2006, indigo blue, XK coupe today.

Nice colour, too.post-4237-0-21648100-1419071848_thumb.jp


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