New Jaguar owner with a problem

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Hi All,

I have just become the new owner of a preloved 2008  Jaguar XF 2.7    .


Unfortunately I just when to my garage and found my boot was not lock but the rest of the car was.


Can anyone tell me if this is an issue or have I inadvertently press something I shouldn't have?


Any help greatly appreciated.


Kind regards 



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Welcome to the Club, Gary.


I can't answer that one as I am uncertain about the locking mechanisms on the XF.


You might have pressed something that is causing the problem, but there are other XF owners who will assist.





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Welcome gary,


I would say the problem is nothing to worry about.


I presume you have tried the spare key, if so, the eliminates a dodgy battery in the key fob.


The next thing I would do is disconnect the battery for ten minutes, this allows everything to reset itself .


If the problem still persists, I would check the state of the battery itself , the strange " happenings" can often occur when the battery is on the wane .


But do not despair, the problem is obviously trivial, and the XF is a fine car that will give you much pleasure .





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