i couldnt resist the temptation..........

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I had a few jaguars over the years


1979 Daimler Double six

1994 XJR 6

1996 XJR 6


and when the 94 went to a guy who came all the way from Italy for it a couple of years back I Thought that was days are more little problems to play with.....time for some boringly sensible motoring


well the next car was a 1993 Subaru Impreza RA.....sensibly boring?.....nothing ever went wrong with it....started every time....and yea it went like a scalded cat......but something was missing?


And so as you do while searching the eBay adds I looked through the XJR listings....not that I was looking to buy another one of course because I promised never do that.....didn't I.... I was just curious to see what the market would have been for my 94 if I had kept it


And there it was .....a 148K miles1999 X308 XJR MOT'd to may 2015 with three minutes to go and silly cheap for what is 'apparently' looked like a well cared for car going by the description apart from saggy headlining, cracked and grubby but not worn through front seats, and need for tyres....and he had not included the usual phrase so common in the sale text of X300/308 Jaguars.....


 "its got a little bit of bubbling on the arches" = Holes you can get your fist in''


Well you know how it goes.....your heart starts racing a look at the details five times.....see who is bidding etc....even tho you are not going to buy it


Have you ever entered a bid in the box when you know full well you wont actually press the submit button....of course you're not going to actually press the submit button....are you!....YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BUY IT!.... and anyway its so cheap that for sure if you did press submit there will be an automatic bid that would beat yours


Then with 4 seconds to go.....disaster struck!


I think I must have been hovering over the left mouse click or I was distracted by something that tensed my index finger but before I knew it I had inadvertently placed the bid.....Well there I am in a terrible quandary.....surely someone will bid again.....3.....2......1.........'congratulation you won the item'


Reality set in.....I had gone and bought another one.....I was legally committed to purchase!


Quite quickly I followed it up with a call to the owner expecting to hear a calamity of woes that he had failed to mention like a ''little bit of bubbling''


Bottom line is that it hasn't!....its been well looked after....the chap knows all previous owners from new....its got 10 years worth of Jaguar main agent service history...receipts for all work....


yes there had been corrosion but on the front arches behind the horrid mud flaps and it had been pro repaired with metal and new wings and respray


Suddenly I was a much happier camper and tho I have not actually seen the car yet my waters tell me I may have found a fairly good deal ....sure it wont be perfect and I will be spending time leaning over it for some reason or another.....But for all the bad that comes with the good Im still happy to be back in a car that I have always thought to be right up there as one of, if not the most beautiful four door super saloon ever designed.


Its an XJR


have some pics but they are rather bad eBay jobbies so will post some more when I get to see it in the flesh

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Welcome to the club, David.


A very interesting story, and I am looking forward to seeing the pics of that beautiful car.





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