MPG trip reset and A/C question

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Good evening all,

I have had my S TYPE 2.7 diesel auto for a couple of weeks now and I would like to know if the mpg trip can be reset so I can get a correct reading now I am using the Jag for work and I do 50 miles a day mostly motorway.

The handbook says to always have the a/c and climate control on auto so it keeps the car at the correct temp and stops condensation building up. Can somebody confirm this or am I better to just use the heater as normal.

The car is a real gem on the motorway , so easy to drive and it must be the most comfortable car I have had the pleasure to own.

Thanks for listening,

Gary. Proud Jag owner at last.

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Hi Gary,


Glad you are enjoying your Jaguar.


You can reset you MPG quite easily by pressing the button at the end of the left hand stem on the steering wheel and the reset button on the right hand side instrument cluster. Handbook 106/107.


And always keep you climate control on auto [except when you have the "defrost" button on which will only be for a minute or two when the auto will switch off automatically and will need switching back on when the car is demisted.


There is a lot of reading in the handbook!


Has your car got the touch screen display?



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Good evening Peter ,

The advice is very much appreciated as always thank you.

No it doesn't have the touchscreen.

Thanks again Gary.

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