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Hi All,

Just like to introduce myself as a new member to the club. I purchased a s type 2.7d xs a few weeks ago one owner from new full jag history 56 plate reg November 2006 think it's a brilliant car and hopefully it should be realiable. I Purchased this as a one owner with full Jaguar service history the previous owner reccomended a full service as the car has covered 70k so I booked it on with Stratsotne in Hainualt in Essex they said it would need a new sump gasket, electric Sleeve and top up oil at a cost of £450 plus new front bushes £450 plus service £325 which I thought was crazy but got it done and I got the auto box filters changed. I've owned 3 XJRs one xj40, one x300 and one XKR in the last few years as weekend cars but I must say they are not as reliable as the Germans. But once a Jag lover always a jag lover. Do you think it's worth servicing by dealers or am I being over cautious?

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Hi Luvneet

Welcome to JOC, you will find that we are a friendly bunch here and you will get some great advise.

The jag main dealers are bad but you will pay over the top, you can always find a local garage that can do at more favourable prices, have a look around in your area I am sure you could of got everything done for a lot cheaper. I use my local Halfords for my XType and my previous cars as well as my wife's merc.



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Hi Luvneet, and welcome to the club.


There is a topic in the Jaguar Owners Lounge on the site where you will find a list of recommended independent garages.  There is also a club member in Greater London who is the owner of a Jaguar Specialist garage.


I would avoid having to pay £140 for an hours labour at a main dealer when there are garages just as good who charge much less.


The s type 2.7D is a very good car and all it needs to keep it happy is a good run and a blast or two now and then, and remember that the engine does not like supermarket fuel.





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Cheers Andrew and Peter for your advice.


I think I got ripped off by the dealer oh well you live and learn.


Will get my car serviced from a specialist from now. Just thought a dealer is the best place to get the work done on a car.


Must say Stratstone in Hainault provide the worst service. I never got an update throughout the job which took 3 days couldn't get hold of anyone at the service centre.


From now on will do most of the work myself. My dad was a ex Mercedes Master Technician so will help me carry out everything on the car.

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