Dave C

Underbody rattle/click/tick

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Hi there,


Has anyone had experience of and cured an occasional noise coming from underneath their car.


My AWD 2.5 manual (30k) is fine when cold, but when warm there is a metallic tin can type of rattle or click at low revs and speeds. Can hear it when manouvering back and forward.


It's been to my nearest dealer who said the heat shields were ok, but they might have missed one which is not so obvious, maybe attached to the underbody above the exhaust.


Other possibilities could be a rattling carrier bearing on the rear drive shaft and I have read on other forums about rattling brake pads. Wheel bearings are ok.


There is no noise at any revs when stationary or with the clutch dipped.


After moving off, the rattle is not present above around 1500 rpm. It therefore appears to be heat and vibration related.


Any possible solutions would be appreciated


Many thanks.

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Hi David

Currently got the same on my 2007 XType sound's to me like a chain rattling, it's been in the garage and they have said it was the retaking clip on the rear pads was missing, which they have done (this was back in August), it's now come back, so it's going back in the garage. I think it might be something else as the retains clips were put on and for what I can see they are still there. If you find out before I do, drop us a line as I can't get mine into the garage for a couple weeks


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hi dave welcome to the club

have a look at the centre prop bearing


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Hi Dave, and welcome to the club.


I had a 2.5 X type 2.5 AWD manual and used to get the same rattle at over 3000 revs.


But a pair of rotten scroats carjacked me before I could solve it.  I am now paying for their accommodation for the next 8 years, I am pleased to say.


Otherwise the car was a great car to drive, quick and agile.





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Hi everyone. Thanks for the advice so far.


I will keep digging for possibilities and will let you know of anything in due course.


In the meantime, mine will be getting a main dealer service in about 2 months and I will ask them to re-check ALL heat shields, rear brake caliper clips and drive shaft centre bearing.


Any other possibilities you can come up within the meantime would be of interest as I would like to cure it sooner rather than later.


Many thanks



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