Collect on 1st Feb

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Hi everyone,I`m Mike.

Got myself a 55 plate 2.5 V6 auto estate with awd.

Black with chrome roof rails,part leather ( black ).

Full history ( 2 owners from new) 90,000.

Bodywork & wheels in need of a little tlc but nothing I can`t manage,

Looking for sports back box for exhaust to " set " the V6 off nicely.




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Welcome to the Club, Mike,


I used to have a 2.5 AWD and very good cars they are.


There are quite a few online companies who will be able to help on the exhaust, but there are also quite a few specialists in the West Midlands too.


The David Manners Group are quite good and worth trying.





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Had the car 1 month now & I`m very pleased with it.Added chrome covers to door handles & mirrors,also smoked side indicators with a cat badge over each plus a larger cat badge below number plate on tailgate below the number plate.

Got a mesh  ( silver) to fit to front grill ( managed to get a spare to work on in case I mess up & end up without a grill !!! ) too.


Did oil & filter change at weekend & put some Slick 50 in with oil to help lessen wear "n" tear,put a K & N air filter in too,had 2 new rear tyres & think fronts will need replacing in next 3 months.


MPG is about 25 round town which I think is rather good for a car of it`s size.


Found a couple of place to get pair of back box,but they`ll have to wait until wallet is refilled :lol: .





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