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problems with previous keepers


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I don't have the V5 for an XJR (X308) I got on auction recently


The previous keeper hasn't sent in the V5 to DVLA and didn't deliver the car with the new keepers supplement .....somehow both seem to have got lost in the post....yea right


meaning I now have to send in a V62 in order to get the car registered in my name


problem is Im abroad so neither I nor anybody else can get to the car to see the VIN which I need in order to process the V62......


But I did an HPI check and got the engine number....DC9904290335...assuming the engine is original with the car


will main agent be able to tell me the VIN


help appreciated



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seems there are HPI checks...and HPI checks


Had a Jaguar main agent run my registration and it came up with what I already had....which was coming up as a 2012 car......very odd....but I spose that's it



pat on back to self



thread closed



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