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fitting a satnav upgrade

Richy Goult

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Ive just purchased a rather cheeky looking 2005 2.2 diesel sport and my only disappointment is that it hasn't got the touch screen sat nav fitted.

I have the little, erm, sat nav cupboard in the boot with a little silver box that I presume is something to do with a sat nav system.

If I buy the sat nav screen for my dash board will all the connecting blocks already be in place or will it be a nightmare of a job.

Any help on this matter will be very much appreciated.

I'll be totally honest I hardly use sat nav but I just think the dash board looks so much better with it in!

Boys n toys!!!!

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Hi Richy, and welcome to the club.


I had a 2005 2.5 AWD petrol x type which also did not have the touch screen, and also examined the idea of a retrofit.  I am not expert in electrics so my plan was to source the parts required and have it done by an expert.  I eventually decided it was too expensive and abandoned the idea just before my car was stolen.


But I do believe that there are members who have done this job and will assist with their exeperience.


My s type has the touch screen and it certainly looks much better.





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Thanks for the info, im not giving up easily. I'm going to call round a few friends that are electronic geeks and see if one of them will accept the job as a challenge!

Ps it has got the satnav in the boot. Is that a standard fit on all 2.2 sports then even without the touch screen in the dash?


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If it has climate control and DVD reader in boot then you are good to go! If you source a Denso Sat Nav unit off eBay or Jag breakers you can actually install it in 10 mins!! For a "how to guide" search Remove Sat Nav X Type on Youtube...I know you will be installing it but the reverse process is similar as funnily I could not find a video of the install process!

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I also found a handy site worth looking at for anyone else attempting this upgrade.


If you type " x type sat nav retro fit " into google the first one on the list should be called " untitled document " and this is a step by step guide with pictures .


Just out of interest riz, did you have to upgrade the wiring loom of could you just plug it straight in?


ps i dont really need the sat nav but i really want digital climate and digital stereo and the Jaguar screen saver gives the whole dash a more modern look.


Thanks once again

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The touchscreen nav was already fitted on mine but I have taken apart recently and I think the wiring loom is fitted as standard to all jaguars so that units can be easily interchangeable. It would not make sense to have different wiring looms e.g. if a customer wanted a sat nav fitting after purchasing new.

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Yes it is a simple process. The ACM box is like a small router type device which sits in the gear lever/ gaiter console...I.e. take the gear stick apart and lift the fascia...the ACM box can be placed there and wire can be connected to the audio system...then just route the connection wires I.e. aux/usb/ipod wires which can be placed in the centre console. You will need to drill 2 or 3 holes in centre console to hold the connection hub. You can find lots of instructions online.

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