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"Grace, Space and Pace"

Old Peter

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This is a quote from what Sir William Lyons said when he introduced the Mk1 Jaguar in 1955.  This iconic car was built by Jaguar between 1955 and 1959 when it was discontinued and replaced by the Jaguar Mk2.


The Jaguar Mk2 was built between late 1959 until 1967, and is possibly the most famous of all Jaguar cars, and still can be seen on British roads.


When Jaguar was owned by Ford the S Type [Jaguar Mk3?] appeared in 1999 and continued in production until 2007. This car was designed partly in Detroit   ----  the Americans do like Jagwars, as they call them.  They also bought almost a third of the cars produced, and particularly liked the 4.2 litre and the 3.0 litre.  The 2.5 litre petrol and the 2.7 diesel do not appear to have been sold in the USA.


I do not know how well the "Grace, Space and Pace" newer style models are selling in USA, though I expect the F type will do well, but do members think that a Mk 4 Jaguar based on the William Lyons design would sell well both in the USA and the UK?


Just thinking out loud!



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Hi Peter,


I think our's were the last of the "retro" Jaguars and having borrowed the MD's XJ portfolio the other day I'm confident that that the ethos of grace, space and pace is in safe hands.


I'm lucky enough to have a company car (currently an Audi A4) and can't wait for it's lease to run out in November so that I can order an XE

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Hi Mike,


I do believe that your S Type V8 was the fastest "Road" Jaguar ever made when it was first produced.


One of the things I would like to do would be to take my s type, albeit a sedate 2.7 diesel onto a track and push the revs up to the red line.


Certainly at 70 ish  it does seem like walking quickly.


I had company cars for 29 years starting wit Ford Escorts and i was in line for a Rover 623 when BMW pulled the plug on them.





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