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Newbie intro x308 Xjr


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Hi to all,

Fairly new to Jaguar ownership, so I thought I'd intro myself I'm Duncan and I have just bought a 1998 x308 Xjr, she's looks stunning for a 16 year old car.

I've always wanted an x308 as the shape I think is just sexy (so many new cars look the same), any way I did my research looked for around 9 months and found this 1998 x308 97k fsh, all the buttons work hardly any rust bar a small hole on the front passenger wing ( needs wing replacing) but underneath and all the arches all good.

So I have parted with my dough and trailered it back to mine, and into my first niggle no battery charging, identified as a bad/dirty/loose cable to the false post, bad burning smell alerted me. All cleaned and tightened works a treat. Two days of driving seemed to be loosing water topped up then restricted performance light on suspected head gasket/cracked block ( ohh I'm so lucky).

Few tests and its a minimum head gasket so what to do now. I had a price of £1750 for the head gaskets with new 3gen chains and tensionors thermostat and metal impeller water pump inc vat, or a genuine Jaguar exchange 2002 engine with low 30 k mileage including the engine and install £1850.

Just wondering which route you guys would of gone?

Anyway at least it's not a boring intro lolpost-6554-0-97650400-1423337251_thumb.jp

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Hi Duncan, and welcome to the club.


Both the options you have give room for thought.


A genuine Jaguar nine with only 30k on the clock sounds good as long as you get a good warranty


The other option depends on where you are getting the job done and what guarantees they give as well as how trustworthy they are.


My S type had a new engine fitted at 22k by Jaguar under warranty during its first period of ownership, so I would be inclined to go with the option of the replacement engine.





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For a first time X buy that's a a bit of bad luck with those findings....but if the repair work is good then for the money its a fair investment into one of these 'if' you plan to keep it..... if you sell it on todays prices you will lose a few quid.....but don't we all lose money on old cars....its a love hate thing.


welcome to hell and paradise.....X308 will give you a bit of both

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Hi Duncan, I'm new to the X308 too, though it looks like I've been particularly lucky with mine! I think I'd go with the new lump, as long as it comes with some sort of warranty. Hope you get it sorted ok, as these are awesome cars, and I love mine to bits!

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