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Hello all


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I have recently purchased my first S type. I had an X type back in 2002 but that was short lived. I have been in BM's since but this s type has far surpassed them. What a a fantastic car. 2.7 twin turbo diesel V6 and boy does it show. Performance is there when needed and a very serene ride when not.

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Hi Naim,


I gave my S type [2.7D as yours] a good long run last week after its quiet winter, and the engine is now sounding better than ever, and just over 42 mpg for the round trip, mostly on country lanes.


 I use the Shell vitro, as a performance engine should get the best fuel and the extra cost is balanced by the better mpg.


I also gave the engine a terraclean service which was well worth the money for the better mpg and performance.





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Naim (where you named after an audio amplifier?).

Peter will be along shortly he knows all the ins and outs of the S type , or the "last proper jag" as the wife calls it.



Lol. I was around long before the audio brand. I like to think they copied me.


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