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Rear parcel shelf


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I found this---------


Its a fiddely job and both C Pillar trims need removing.
Behind the C Pillar trims are airbags and short plastic retaining clips which stop the C Pillar trims hitting anyone if the airbags go off.
Extremely fiddly to refit as your working by feel and they are very short, they took the longest part of the time up in removing and refitting the parcel shelf trim when I had to fit a new buzzer when I had my 2002 3.0 X Type
If I remember the rear seat back needs removing (if its not a folding one)
If it is a folding back rest fold it forward and thers a tang to press to remove the bolsters to access the C Pillar trim



I am only guesing but are you trying to clean behind it --Flys etc .

If so try this------


You could try gaffer taping a drinking straw to the end of the vacuum cleaner hose (i.e. all the air is pulled through the straw). That will be thin enough to get right to the back, and probably have enough suction to shift the most stubborn fly.



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