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I recently lost the washer jet trim from the nearside of the front bumper of my 2004 S-Type.  I have bought a new trim and painted it ready for replacement however I cannot work out how to get the washer jet mechanism to extend so I can re-connect the new trim.


The workshop manual I am using is remarkably coy about the process and only says, "Remove the washer jet trim," in a section about removing the front bumper cover.  post-3513-0-41795200-1425560132_thumb.pn.  It pictures the mechanism extended but gives no indication about how this is achieved.


 I have tried pulling it out but there is no movement.


I'm probably being stupid and the answer is easy but would appreciate any help offered.

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If its anything like the X-type


get someone to sit in drivers seat and squirt the jets then get ready to grab and hold it tight as it pops out.  I think they jets pop out once every 6 squirts of the windscreen washers


Thats how I did it on my. The little plastic crucifix that hold the trim on are very flimsy and break easy there used to be a bloke on eBay selling the crucifix made out of milled aluminium

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Welcome to the club, Graham.


I was thinking the same as you, as possibly the only quick solution.


I would be inclined to follow that route Noel, unless there is some other way that a member knows.





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Thanks for the prompt responses.  I was afraid that grabbing it as someone else operates the washer might be the answer but I did not want to risk breaking the whole mechanism.  I'll give it a go.



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