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Thought I would share this story, took my S Type for mot other day, I have it done at a 4x4 garage, while I was there a Range Rover diesel came in with starting problems, owner said he had been to 2 Land Rover dealers to be told it needed a new injector pump at well over a grand and a grand labour, my mate who done my mot got it in the workshop, while I was in the office paying he came in and said to the owner " I have found your problem mate" he said its your leek off pipes, about a tenner for the pipes and a half hour to fit them.



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think its more luck than that pete. like going to docs if they are not thinking right ect wrong diagnostic   the guy was on the ball .but s##t happens . most cars have probs now and then but it takes a good grease monkey to find the solution . landies are nice car mate has one its 4years old and he has bought his own snap on code reader for it. (problem after problem

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We had a good idea what the problem was before we looked at it, the injector return pipes get old and leak, so the pump loses fuel pressure, so you have to crank the engine over to pump up fuel pressure to start, very common problem, I had a P38 Range Rover diesel for 8 years, in the end I got so !Removed! tired of fixing something every other week, yes you need to be a grease monkey to work on them because there are so many easy cheap fixes on them the dealers don't want you to know. I have had my 2002 3.0 S Type now for 6 months and had no problem with it, feels very strange not having to get the tool box out every two weeks.

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