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XF - 100k things to look for ?


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2nd posting ... and I don't have a car yet.


My new pride and joy will have clocked ~ 100k when i take ownership.


From the collective on the forum, what should i look out for in terms of possible faults / maintenance issue.

Now i'm broke from purchas of the car I need to start budgeting list for servicing / repairs.




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Hi Jim,


Assuming your XF is a diesel, common issues are the EGR valves getting too sooty now and then.  There are several cures  --  take them off and clean them, which is arduous and mucky  ---  Wynnes EGR Valve cleaner, under a Tenner from Halfords  --  or the cheapest is to press the S mode button and give the car a good  blast to get the valves cleaned out, which can be quite enjoyable.


The other thing to do is to avoid supermarket fuel and use the best fuel which the engine likes as it gives you a better mpg.


XF owners will tell you their experiences.





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