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Newbie - problem

Uncle David

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Hello Guys,

I just joined having bought an old X Type 2.5 V6 Auto. Really pleased overall, but one issue I would be grateful for advice.

Sometimes when braking at junctions etc. there is a clunking sound from the front end and the brake pedal moves slightly. Rather like the ABS cuts in for a second? My local garage reckons it's the reluctor ring on the drive shaft and says the whole thing should be replaced? They haven't inspected the car yet though.

Does anyone know about this and if it's within the skills of a DIY'er?

Cheers to all,


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Hi David,


I used to have a 2.5 AWD X type until it was "borrowed" by 2 scroats whose accommodation I am now paying for for the next 8 years.  It was a great car!


The reluctor ring appears to be very easy to replace, and you can get the genuine part from   X Type Parts  for about a fiver.  It is a common problem with the x type.


I don't get my hands dirty any more since the days of the lump hammer and adjustable spanner have been replaced by complicated technology, but if you know a bit about cars it seems easy enough and apparently straigtforward.  Your description of the symptoms and your garage's diagnosis seems correct.





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Thanks so much for the info. Sorry to hear about your car mate. Bring back hanging I say (related to horse thieves you know)! I've ordered a Haynes m annual today, so will find out how to have a go at it. Like you, I'm more of a lump hammer and points guy, but may have a go.

Ron - Would love to meet up at Brighton. Chance to blow the cobwebs out of the old girls hair....and the car too.



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Well, the plot thickens as they say. Just had new disks and pads all round and today, I fitted a new ABS sensor to the NSF wheel, where the ABS is kicking in from. Still the same. The fault is intermittent and seems to only appear slowing to around 5 mph, then there's a twanging type of sound, and the brake peddle judders. I'm beginning to suspect the ABS pump, as the cable to the sensor looks like new-ish. Deep joy.

Anyone have any ideas? I'd be grateful.


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David, thanks, but it's definately to do with the ABS as the break pedal moves. I've replaced the N/S/F sensor, but am beginning to suspect the ABS Pump and ECU. Anyway, that's next months project as the Minister for Home Affairs.....she says No until payday. (Wife)

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