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Hi Graham,


There was a recent survey on tyres and the top brands surveyed  on the aspects of stopping, noise levels, and fuel usage were Goodyear, followed by Vredestein, a Korean tyre whose name I cannot recall, and then a few other such as Bridgestone and Pirelli.


I have never liked Avon as I had sidewall cracks on a motor cycle tyre in 1963!


You don't need to change all trees at the same time, but I always change both front tyres at the same time and the rear tyres similarly.


I have a local Halfords  ---  just a tiny place  ---  at which the staff have been there for a long time, and they put on a pair of Goodyear tyres [245/40/18 assimetrico XL for £257, which included wheel balancing etc.


You can always look at Halfords site which does a great review of each tyre giving the EU scoring levels.


I still have Pirellis in the rear as they still have 5mm of tread and are in good condition.


Some people do not like Halfords ---  but a lot depends on the service you get.





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I have now for the last year or so used a part worn supplier where they are gauranteed at 5mm or more and got hold of Pirellis and Goodyears both priced at £25 a corner balanced and fitted with no issues, which means a full set comes in at £100 and whilst some people will not like the idea of part worn I have not had any issues or problems

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