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DSC Flashing warning light


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HI Guys, just had both front ball joints replaced and now the DSC warning light flashing all the time even though no fault found on test equipment! Can still turn DSC off & on using centre consol switch. BUT IS IT WORKING!! Any ideas how to stop it?

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Hi Alan,


It is worth spending about £20 on a cheap scanner.  I find mine quite useful, and it would save you going to Warrington.


I was stopped in Chapel Street/Lane in 1960 for driving with a noisy exhaust --  it was a tractor, though -- but the policeman was quite happy by just telling me off, and not checking my driving licence.  That bit was good because I didn't have one!





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I'm not sure on this but here goes...


there will be sensors of some sort on each wheel usually on the brakes these are for both ABS and DSC to make sure all wheels are turning together at roughly the same speed (given tolerances for cornering) so I would start by having a look underneath to see if you can see any wires hanging that might have been unplugged and not plugged back in on completion


I'm not sure it would be picked up on an OBD scanner as the car just thinks its in a skid and not really a fault....




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